Blogmas 14: Resolutions

14 December 2015


I was recently having a stalk on a few of the #GirlGang blogs, when I came across one by Sapphire Moon (she's also super lovely, so follow her on twitter and definitely read her posts!)

[edit: Saph's blog is now called Simply Saph]

In that post, she's talking about what 20 things she wanted to start doing more after her 20th birthday, and her current progress of doing them.

Last year, I wrote my New Years Resolution on Instagram and Tumblr. Have I achieved it? What goals will I set myself for 2016?

"my boss has given me a goal to try and achieve, but honestly it also creates such a wonderful new years resolution.

when i'm confronted, when someone is confrontational with me, it's very obvious. apparently my face shows it (like I literally do that that :O face and my voice shakes.

my goal at work is to fake confidence, and try not to give away when i feel intimidated.

my new years resolution is so actually become confident"

(This Instagram is my old account. My new one is called SherbetAurora)

Okay, so, ignoring my small spelling error where I clearly meant to say "to actually become confident" this is a pretty major thing to try and achieve in one year... But I'd go as far as to say that I did it.

I faked confidence all the time at work, and was getting better and better. In my other life however, I've gone places I never thought I would, achieved things I never thought I would and have done things with little thought. I can take control of bookings, and I know how confidently I can do them. Sure, I've hit some pitfalls this year where my mental health was concerned, but I got through them and came out stronger.

I've written posts this year to help others, The Importance Of Life Experience, What 2015 Has Taught Me, Why Do I Blog to name a few recent ones, overcome their anxieties, troubles and gain confidence.

I would argue that in areas of my life, I am definitely more confident than I have ever been. Even if I still have a bit farther to go.

Which begs the question, what will my 2016 resolution and goals be?

 - I will continue my quest for confidence.
 - I will travel on another long haul flight.
 - I will engage more in the blogging community
 - I will get into university.
 - I will become employed.

Fairly simple, right? Yes, but they all require a lot of work.

Stay tuned to see if I achieve them!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.


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