Blogmas 21: Town Tours Special

21 December 2015


So... I've been talking a bit about how I'm going to be doing a special thing for Christmas... Well.. We're making Christmas Market specials of TOWN TOURS!

Yup. That project I started with my Baguettes is called TOWN TOURS where we go around different towns and cities in order to encourage tourism, for those who don't know. There is one main episode on my youtube (gailypi) about Falkirk, but also "mini"sodes for Singapore and Rhyl (beach) as well on my SherbetAurora account.
Episode one is live NOW and is about Glasgow
Episode two will be live on Wednesday and about Aberdeen
Episode three will also be live Wednesday on my SherbetAurora account about Edinburgh.

We decided to make these because Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are all pretty big cities who gain a lot from tourism already, however there are only a few Christmas Markets around Scotland, and we thought that this would be the perfect opportunity.

I didn't take too much pictures in between filming so I'll have to leave this here.

Please check out the video, and until next time, be excellent to each other

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