Blogmas 11: Are You A Baguette?

11 December 2015


So you may have been seeing me talk recently on twitter about meeting my "#SQUAD" and you might be wondering who they are.

Well... Let's meet them and find out if you, too can be an honorary Baguette.

Okay first up, Baguette?!

Yup. We are the Baguettes, named after our group chat. In all honesty, I have absolutely no idea where it came up but we are the Thirty Days of Perpetual Baguettes.

We talk a lot about memes, Youtube and personal stuff. Y'know, like other, normal (?) friendship groups.

We consist of Racheal, Robin, Jack and myself. (also Jennifer!)

Let's meet them.


 "The difference between me and you is that I bought all the stupid jumpers that I found"

 We have known one another since we were  12, when we started High School in the same form class.

Not a lot has changed in 9 years, but we have definitely got a radically better dress sense, and meme appreciation.

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 "If I was a cheese, I'd be called  "Gratecheal!"

 We have known each other since we were  13/14 because we both had a mutual friend - another girl called Rachael. HOWEVER

Racheal and Robin have been friends since they were in Primary School.

 Racheal and I have a lot of inside jokes and  she studies art at uni.

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 "Oh, God, my shoes are in the tumble drier!"

 Jack is known to all of our town as being  "that guy I always see walking around"

 We all had mutual friends with him, but didn't meet until many years later, and only became a key component to the group within the last year.

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 "My hobby is flying around the world as my alter ego, pi-girl, saving the planet from spherical mischief"

 You know who I am, I'm a 21 year old,  Scottish pixie and travel & tourism student. I  like sherbet, the colour blue and running in circles.

 I once travelled to Asia for the weekend.

Jennifer is also a member of Baguettes. However, she is currently flying around the solar system in her marshmallow spaceship so unfortunately I can't give you her picture or recent links.

So what makes you guys such great friends?

Well...  we all come from slightly different backgrounds, but somehow we all get along really well together and we share a love of memes, with mutual respect of Shia LaBeouf! We're not judgemental, either. These are all the responses I got given from my fellow Baguettes.

We have a lot of laughs; about lunchbox cars, spoonerising (auerbet shrora), making Robin buy the crazy hats, getting lost on adventures, Bishi Bashi Special and Robin's roundabout fall (GUYS. IF ANYTHING WATCH THAT VIDEO I S2G!)

We all care about each other, and support one another through the hard times.

Can I be a Baguette?

Well... It's more a small group thing...
I'll check you against the criteria.

- Do you care about your friends?
- Are you willing to support them through anything?
- Will you take the mickey out of them (lovingly) when they do something stupid?
- Do you have a love of memes?
- Are you willing to bully Robin into buying the stupidest hat?

If you have said 'yes' to these, then you are an honorary Baguette. WELCOME.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's not my normal kind of post but I thought it would be a bit fun and a bit silly to make!

What do you think of the Baguettes? Are we #SquadGoals? Let me know ;)

Until next time, be excellent to each other
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