Blogmas 15: Winter Faves

15 December 2015


So I know Winter has only really just started but I wanted to write a quick little summary of what I am absolutely loving so far. Who knows, perhaps I'll even have more parts to this and make it a series!

First up is hats and scarfs. I mean it is hat weather.
My go to scarf recently has been this green number from Primark. I bought this scarf around 5 years ago but I never used to actually wear them (I hated hats and scarfs because I used to basically live in the cold weather and then wonder why I was sniffling all season.)

When it comes to hats, these three have been my absolute favourites.
The orange one I bought from Claire's Accessories and the brown and creme one is from Tesco. Both I bought around 5 years ago.

The Pink "You are next" one is from H&M. I saw it a lot while I was wandering around Glasgow, but this one I bought in the Orchard Road store in Singapore.

Oh, nail varnish, how I have missed you!
I worked in a fish and chip shop for over a year where I wasn't allowed to wear any nail polish on my nails at all for hygiene reasons. As soon as I left, I told myself that I would be wearing nail varnish as much as I could.

I stumbled upon these two that I've had for a while and I remember that I loved. I'm not sure why, but for about 2 weeks I wore these two colours alternately on my nails. I'm growing fed up of it now and I'm looking for a new colour, but I still love the look of these colours individually.

I've been really loving Twitter recently, I've had twitter since 2009 but made my SherbetAurora account in October. I never used to use twitter that much, it was something I would use once and then leave again for 3 months. However, recently, with twitter groups like #GirlGang, I've been using it a lot more to talk to the friends that I've made through it.

And Courteney.

The last thing I want to talk about is Dolly's Mixtures. These lovelies cost £1 from Asda. I remember them catching my eye and I saw the Bubble gum one in Asda and knew immediately that I had to try it (Which is why it is so well used) Bubble gum flavours and scents are my favourite. I then decided to experiment with a few more. Parma Violets, Fizzy Cherry and Candy Floss. They all smell incredible (I've recently been using Candy Floss a lot) The best part is that they are all cruelty free and calorie free bathing.

I also really love reading the back of them! There's a different "Dolly Says" on all of the scents so check them all out!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I hope you're all enjoying my Blogmas and I will see you all tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed this brief insight into my favourite things. Also, my giveaway ends tonight so I won't post a link to it but I will announce the winners in the next few days.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL ENTRANTS!

Until next time, be excellent to each other

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