Blogmas 9: Where I want to travel to

09 December 2015


Let's get back on a travel theme again, I've derailed a little but in the last few days, but I thought I'd share a small bucket list, I suppose with you all of places I really want to visit
Perhaps I'll be able to come back to this post one day and score them off as I do them.

Okay. So for a travel blogger, I've not been to many places, I'm just getting started. I'm still a student and I'm currently unemployed. I do a lot of domestic tourism within the UK, primarily Scotland because it's at the end of a short train journey for me, but I've been bitten by the transport bug and have travelled by coach, train, plane, car and ferry this year alone! (London, Leicester, Chester, Edinburgh, Wrexham, Singapore, Amsterdam...)

I've compiled a short list of places I'm longing to visit. I'm naming countries/states and will explain why, and what about that place I want to see most:

1. Peru
I have for years been obsessed with the idea of going to see Machu Picchu. One of my favourite things to read about in the Horrible Histories series were the Incas, and this place is absolutely gorgeous, it looks awe-inspiring and it's a dream place for me to go to. I have to see it in the next few years. Have to.

2. China
I'm actually learning Mandarin right now as part of my college course. Well, as an extra to my college course, which will be a bonus when I go to China. The place I particularly want to see is, you've guessed it, the great wall of China. I understand that its a major tourist attraction, and most things I'm talking about are, but from pictures I've seen of it, it looks amazing and I really want to go to see it and walk along it for myself.

Are you really surprised? I can be a massive weeaboo at times. I became obsessed with Japan when I was in Primary 7 (age 11) when my class were taught origami and 'manga' drawings in art class. I loved the big dresses and "out there" fashion styles, and have admired them for years but never knowing what it was actually called or how to recreate it for myself. I'd love to go to Tokyo but also I want to see Mount Fuji. I know that if I got to see it, I would cry. I love volcanoes and Fujiyama is definitely my favourite. It's beautiful. The shy mountain.

4. Kenya
Biggest tourism here is probably safari holidays, and that is exactly why I want to go. My friend Lauren, when I was younger went on a safari holiday and I remember that she loved it. I had to research them for my International Tourist Destinations module and it looked incredible.

5. Nevada, USA
Vivaaaaa laas...  nope. (well, kinda) but nope.
I'm a Geology lover. I like rocks, I think they're amazing. I want to go to the Grand Canyon, walk on the skywalk, maybe take a helicopter ride.... It would be a dream to visit here. While we're talking about America....

6. New York, USA
Everyone wants to visit New York though, right?  I love cities, I mean I get exhausted around people and everything, but there's just something about a city that I love? The fact everyone is zooming around and getting on with life, perhaps? I'm not sure. However, New York is one of my top places I need to go. As is California but I won't clog up this with just America!

7. Iceland
Similar to the Grand Canyon and Japan!  I love volcanoes, and glaciers, and natural heat radiating from underground, and geysers..  I've never been to Iceland but I'm hoping to next year...  Keep your eyes peeled!

8. Italy
Okay, yes pizza and ice cream area great but the Romans were another of my faves from history. I'd love to visit the Coliseum and other artefacts around Italy. I'd love to eat genuine Italian food, try to speak Italian, fall in love..  I don't know, Italy is just one of the places I want to go to.

9. Canada
There are loads of cultural reasons I want to go to Canada, it just seems like an incredible country who are doing a lot of things right. From a tourism and geology loving POV, I want to see Niagara Falls.

10. Australia
I feel like everyone I know has been to Australia and New Zealand except from me. AUSTRALIA I can't even find the words to describe you! You're like the popular, goofy kid in class that everyone loves and I've fallen for you too! I will visit one day. (YOU TOO NEW ZEALAND!)

11. Hawaii, USA
Okay, I said I wasn't going to make this all about America, and I'm not trying to! I almost forgot to talk about Hawaii. A lot of it is to do with the volcanoes, yes.. Hawaii is somewhere I've wanted to visit longer than I can remember. It might have something to do with Lilo and Stitch being one of my favourite movies, but I just want to experience life in Hawaii. I want to surf as well. If I don't do that in Australia :P

So there you go! Have you been to any of these places, or do you want to go, too?
What are the top 3 countries or states you want to visit?

Until next time, be excellent to each other
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