Blogmas 19: Megauncomfortable in Aberdeen

19 December 2015


Okay, so I don't have much to talk about today. I'm in Aberdeen just now!

I woke up at 8.30 am so that I could finish packing my suitcase. I got myself showered, fed and then left the house at 12.30pm.

I boarded the train at 1240. Cramped. The train was cramped. 3 cars and I was with a suitcase. That was fun.

The guy that was stood next to me wouldn't even move so I was trying to get the suitcase behind me in order to give others room, then two girls boarded and stood on the other side of me so I was slowly falling lower and lower while trying to stand. It was very uncomfortable.

I've been getting really bad back ache recently, mostly just in one of my shoulder blades. It's really weird, but extremely painful.

Eventually I got off the train, and had to navigate Buchanan Street.


Glasgow's Buchanan Street the week before Christmas is the worst experience.

People were coming and going in all directions, and after being on a crowded train my anxiety was rising, and as I got closer and closer to Buchanan Bus Station, I was panicking more and more.

I don't know why but Buchanan Bus Station always me get close to having a panic attack. I never end up having on but it gets me very close.

I boarded the bus, took my set then sat for 3 hours.

At one point an elderly woman boarded and sat next to me, she was fiddling with the clip bit for a seat belt. I held it for her because that's a thing I do and honestly just spend the whole time staring out the window listening to music.

So now I'm in Aberdeen with Racheal and Jack.

When I got off the coach, the driver undloaded all the bags and then just walked away so all of us passengers were just sat going 'what. do. we. do. now' and waiting for someone to be the first to go for theirs.

I felt like I cheated on National Express.

I'm about to have some soup so I will see you tomorrow! Hopefully with a better post :')

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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