Blogmas 2: What Christmas Means To You

02 December 2015

To me, Christmas means family. It means friends. It means joy. It means excitement. It means cold days and colder nights. It means the anticipation of snow. It means the praying for no snow so that you don't end up with a cancelled train. It means "I almost forgot to get my brother a present for his birthday, again!'

It means presents. It means the past. It means the future. It means hot chocolate while standing in a crowded station. It means deadlines. It means stress. It means "Oh good God, I need the perfect dress!"

It means panic. It means fun. It means walking home and missing the sun. It means darkness. It means light. It means sparkles and bells and dancing all night.

It means food, lots of food. It means white. It means black. It means green and gold and the red on Santa's hat. It means Irn Bru. It means orange. It means stocking fillers and monkey nuts and watching movies until you're tired.

It means reruns. It means humour. It means 'I wish I'd done that essay sooner'. It means parties. It means music. It means watching the drunk people dance enthusiastically. It means fights. It means love. It means 'UGH! I need touch screen sensitive gloves!'

It means religion. It means none. It means that all that really matters is fun.

To me, Christmas means a lot of things. Friends I never see, presents to give and receive. It means not knowing if you were aiming to make this into a poem.

Most of all, Christmas means a time of happiness, of being surrounded by people that you love. It doesn't matter what religion, or lack of, you believe in, because everyone can show and express love. That's what Christmas means to me. Not the material goods under the tree.

Until next time, be excellent to each other

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