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06 February 2018


The bagettes and I (minus Jack) finally reunited recently for a few hours in Glasgow. We rarely see each other any more because of work commitments and life in general getting in the way, which is really sad. Racheal finished work a bit later in the day, so Robin and I spent a few hours wandering around Glasgow (I may have hugged a few Stitch teddies in the Disney store) before we were joined by her. We all decided that we were quite hungry, so it was time for food. What's better than catching up over food?!

We weren't really sure where to go, and we'd ruled out Pizza Punks, Bill's and any Vegan places. We decided to go wherever our feet took us... Which wasn't very far because we went from Glasgow Queen Street to the top of Buchanan Street where we found Vapiano.

None of us had been there before (and as it turns out, the day we went just so happened to be the grand opening!) but it looked swanky and interesting, so that was our decision set. We stood outside to have a look at the menu, and as we did, a crowd formed around us, because we are 100% trendsetters.

Inside, we thought that it resembled a hotel a little bit. It was brightly lit, and there was a desk with 2 or 3 members of staff and some stairs. The staff members handed us each a card and then explained how the restaurant works;

  • Sit wherever you want
  • Go up to the chefs and tell them your order
  • Tap your card (£50 limit)
  • When it's time to pay, return to the desk, give them your card and pay
Easy! (We also found out that you tip downstairs too.)

There wasn't too many people in so it was pretty free choice in where to sit, but we chose beside the stairs. A waiter came over to our table to take our drink orders, so we gave him our cards, he loaded the drinks and then we studied the menu.

I decided on a veggie pizza, Robin had a lasagne and Racheal opted for a salmon pasta. The chefs were all really lovely and friendly, and Racheal's Pasta chef even made her's to her specifications! (ie with quantities, which was really nice.) It was funny because Racheal neeeded to go to another station to order herself garlic bread, but then she returned to her seat. She went to investigate her pasta, and when she came back it turned out that her chef had been panicking and looking around for her everywhere!

We all had some form of oven food, and so we were all given pagers to make it easier to collect. My pizza was M A S S I V E!! And we all really enjoyed our food. Soon it was time for desserts, I had the 'death by chocolate' which I vacuumed up.

As we were leaving, there were a few teething problems, most notably the fact that Robin's lasagne hadn't been loaded onto his card, but problems are to be expected for somewhere that's newly opened, and we've all got experience working in customer service and retail so we were all fine with it. We were each given a free dessert card which, unfortunately for me, lasted for the length of time I'll be in France, so I gave it to my friends so that one of them can give it to their partner.

All in all, it was a really nice evening. There was a great atmosphere, staff and food so we all would 100% return, and I encourage you to visit, too!

Have you ever visited Vapiano? What did you think?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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