10 Things I've Noticed About Train Journeys

05 February 2016


I feel like most of us have been on a train at least once. They're quite a big part in daily life. At least in the UK. I commute by train on an almost daily basis and I've noticed some things while I sit silently on my 30 min, one way journey...1. The wait for train announcments
This probably sounds stupid AF but have you ever noticed that on main routes, say Glasgow to Edinburgh, which just so happens is my normal route, that you will see passengers standing through the ticket barriers about 10 minutes before departure, staring at the screen? I'm guilty of this. I do it every day. Do you ever wonder why?...

2. The rush to get a seat
... This is why. This is a main service, and especially at peak time it's a competition to get a seat. If you have never done a journey like this, or have but maybe not every often, this might be hard to get your head around. I'll try and explain it. Basically, you'll have a large crowd of people standing, doing their stare-at-the-screen thing and as soon as that platform number goes up. Bang. Suddenly that crowd are on the move. They gather at the doors before the doors are open, and sometimes before the passengers alighting the train even get off. All to be one of the ones to get a seat. It's insanity. (I gotta have my seat okay.)

3. How nobody wants to sit next to each other
I feel like this speaks volumes for humans overall, it's not a 'millennial' thing because we're all guilty of it, regardless of age. We all search for a seat that is isolated. Some even go as far as putting their luggage on the window seat and sitting on the aisle seat - which if you do btw, I hate you. (I don't really hate you, but please explain this one to me because I don't understand it.)

4. Nobody talks to each other
Similarly, how many people actually talk to whoever their sitting next to. Show of hands? Very little. I can tell. I'm psychic. It's a weird one, isn't it? And no, I'm not getting all "ugh, bloody technology. It ruined society." BECAUSE NO IT DID NOT. What I've noticed is that when people aren't on their phone, THEY ARE READING A NEWSPAPER. Or looking out a window. I typically look out the window and imagine music videos to the songs I'm listening to.

5. Ignoring the catering trolley
This is also true for Cabin Crew members, I imagine. As soon as that catering trolley comes around, your head goes down. I don't think it's done maliciously, I know I do it so that they don't make accidental eye contact with me and think I want to buy some tea, when I already have some.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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