Mini Paperchase Haul Solo

02 February 2016


So recently, I took a trip into Glasgow (um... like I always do...) and decided to take a little trip into Paperchase. I love Paperchase! Thank you for showing me it like two years ago, Racheal!

Now, I do love stationary. Maybe not as much as others, but I often struggle to afford to buy cute notepads. I like to have nice designs on the things I choose to write my college notes in, and I adore going to Paperchase just because the designs are always adorable!

I also quite like to have a different design on every notepad I own, I mean, it helps to distinguish what notepad goes with which subject, right?

Anyway, lets get on with my mini haul!

The first one I bought was this adorable one. (note: Gail, stop calling everything adorable.) I was drawn to the bugs. I like designs with bugs. WHAT AN INTERESTING FACT, GAIL!!!

I have a jumper with bugs on it. I like it a lot. I mean it's not exactly anything majorly special. The lines on the inside mean it's great for taking notes in college, and I LOVE ringbinder notepads because you can so easily switch the page! I'm not the only one that hates the kinda pages where you have to actually use effort to fold them over... right?

Next upppp! I really like designs with a space theme, because I like space. Obviously. Now, this is actually a desk journal but I have no idea what to write in it!

Also pls pretend you didn't see that I take these kinda photos on a storage box lid. It's the best surface I have ...

I'm so excited about using this! AND LOOK!!! THE PAGES ARE GOLD EDGED! I have a huge love for gold eged notepads, it's like my secret love in life. It makes me feel like I'm royalty and special because my notepad has gold on it haha! I do have one other, it's a pink notepad with gold edges and I rarely use it because I don't wanna ruin it, although it was my go-to notepad when I had ran out at college last year.

This notepad is definitely my favourite one. The line spacing is pretty big but that's okay, because it isn't really designed for .. y'know... college.

THIS WAS AN IMPULSE BUY. It was like £3 and I saw it when I was in the queue. My blogging notepad recently ran out of space and I thought this would be perf. It's also tiny so I can put it in any bag!

I really love it. I loved the design, I loved the side, the inside has a decent line spacing and also I love the inside cover design!

I have actually already started using this one, and I do not regret choosing it at all, it's adorable.

Okay. Now you're wondering. "Haul Solo".

I'm lame okay. I'm lame, Han Solo trash.

I also went to Forbidden Planet and bought a Han Solo Pop Vinyl figure. It's a bobble head.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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