29 January 2016


Okay, not maliciously but society is unfortunately discriminating against us short people. 

I'm 5'2" tall. Whenever I go into a shop, the things I want are always on the top shelf. Whenever I buy trousers, they're too long. Whenever I buy a slightly longer top it becomes a dress. I look like I'm 12 not 21. I'm picked on by my peers as being shorty. I sometimes have to climb in order to retrieve things. When I'm in class I have to stand on my tip toes in order to reach the top of the smartboard to write and THE LIST IS ENDLESS.

It's not all bad, though. We short people are cute. We're the perfect height that we can get away with things tall people can't. We can get tall people to reach for things and give us piggy back rides. We can dodge those branches that smack tall people in the face. We can get exercise without really trying - seriously just think about how strong our calf muscles must be!

Being short isn't that bad. And in a way, I kind of like it. Do I wish I was taller? Sometimes. It'd be nice not to have to look up at everyone all the time, or put in double the work to catch up my my friends' walking speeds. I'd like to be able to reach things with little effort. Really, but it's not a bad height, either.

I can get away with more #OOTDs simply because clothes are longer on me. I like to tell people I'm closer to hell, simply because I saw it on a tumblr post and it made me laugh.

Yeah. Being short is okay. But you tall people have to stop picking on us, because next time you do, we won't warn you about the 'please mind your head' sign and laugh at you when you hit into it!

ps. this week's facebook blogger promo went to Sarah!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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