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15 January 2016


Okay so this is a fun post, isn't it! I recently hit 500 followers on Twitter (Oh. My. God. Thank you so much I'm still kinda, very, pretty much in shock! I never though I'd reach a number like that!) And it made me think... How much do you know about me?

I thought it might be interesting to tell you a bit more about myself. Facts, general information... That kind of thing.

So without further adooooo!

Basic Facts
Name: Gail Leslie
Blog: Sherbet Aurora
Age: 21 (22 in March)
Location: Central Scotland
Length of time blogging: Began on 03 November 2014.
Occupation: Unemployed. Full-time student of Travel and Tourism.

Why did I start blogging: My first post was really lame and I've actually now hidden (I'm sorry!!!) It's about 3 lines. Which isn't an exaggeration. I also wrote a blog called Why Do I Blog, that I wrote as part of my blogmas last year and you can read here. I talked a little bit about how it was hannah who inspired me to blog in that post. After we became friends I started to read her older blogs a lot, and it made me think about how I wanted to get started as well. Flash forward 3 and a half years into friendship, she's now one of my biggest guides on this blogging journey. If I'm stuck with anything or don't understand anything, she's there to offer me support and advice. She even made my header for me!

But why did I want to actually start? Well, I'm a travel and tourism student. I thought it could be a fun hobby to talk about my future travels! I also have a lot to say with lifestyle and advice. (Seriously, need help about coping with anxiety, or need some support in private? Come to me. Anything you say will be done in confidence and remain between us unless you feel comfortable enough to talk openly.) I thought this would be the perfect platform for me to express my words. I also thought it would help boost my confidence. Although I'm no stranger to putting myself out there on social media, when I blog, it's all my thoughts laid out before you, the lovely glittery angel reading this. Sure, I can edit it and edit it to make it perfect (or not in the case of spelling errors I still manage to make) but it's not quite the same extent as my youtube videos. When I edit a youtube video I'm taking away filmed content. When I edit on my blog, I can add or improve my content. Slight difference?

Anyway, to summarise because I got distracted. I blog to boost my confidence, to have a place to lay out my thought and offer advice, to document my travels and .. I guess to document my life, really.

Fun Facts
1. I have been to three colleges. (technically)
2. I am learning Chinese (Mandarin) and French.
3. If you talk to me about Han Solo I will freak out and fangirl.
4. The first time I met one of my friends, I scared her because of my Doctor Who obsession.
5. In the time mentioned above, I showed up at our mutual friend's house with a shoe box filled with Doctor Who things (action figures, trading cards etc) that I called "Doctor Who box" and still own.
6. I had 10 piercings. 11 if you count getting my nose re-pierced. This is now 7.
7. I had 3 microdermal anchors on my chest. Two have rejected. (post on microdermals coming in the next few weeks!)
8. I once flew to Singapore for the weekend. (read about my trip here #spon)
9. I used to believe I could control the weather. Because my name is Gail.
10. I once had to go to A&E because I burnt my forearm in 180 degree oil. Other than the blistering that has now left a scar, I sustained no injury.
11. I like to use my past experiences with anxiety as a way to help others. My post "The Importance Of Life Experience" is one which I will constantly promote because of its importance to me.
12. I have had around 5 different hair colours: Red, Purple, Ginger/Blonde, Brunette, Blonde.
13. If you 'hurt' a stuffed animal, it will really upset me more than you can possible imagine.
14. I made my first Youtube video aged 13. Yes, it still exists. No I will not send you a link.
15. My favourite colour is blue.

16. I desperately want to visit Peru, several places in the USA, Japan and Iceland.
17. I cut my hair into a kind of bob when I was 15, almost 7 years later and I refuse to get it cut more than a few inches. My hair is now at my waist.
18. Up until the age of 19 I refused to give hugs. I'm not as restricted now but the personal space thing still gets to me.
19. If I could be in any TV show it would be Doctor Who or Game of Thrones.
20. I have an existential crisis about 3 times a week.
21. My favourite song used to be "That Girl" by McFly (to be fair, I still love it) and I was determined to be "That Girl" by the time I was "Only 17" with "Long, Blonde hair."
22. I hate going to the doctors. Not because of going to get checked, but because I get so paranoid that I'm there with so many different reasons that they might think I'm crying wolf. Woof.
23. When I was younger, I liked to imagine that I was a vampire.
24. Additionally, I was also terrified of being bitten by a vampire, so I'd cover my neck at night, and still can't sleep comfortable unless my neck is covered.
25. NEVER. CHEW. WITH. YOUR. MOUTH. OPEN. OR. BREATHE. TOO. LOUDLY. OR. I. WILL. PLAN. YOUR. MURDER. IN. MY. MIND. (I'll never kill you, but in my mind I will have.)
26. One time, Dan Howell replied to me on twitter and I managed not to scream.
27. My first URL on this blog was called 'lifeofgailypi'. The URL still exists as a .blogspot, but its now used as a redirect that I'm getting rid of soon.
28. URLs I considered before Sherbet Aurora were: "Clouded Blue Skies", "Travel With Me", "Fly With Gailypi", "GailyFly" and "Clouded Thoughts"
29. I have a cardboard cut out of Matt Smith.
30. My friend Ami and I tried to build an airplane to fly to, I think it was Cartoon Network Land.

I hope you've all gotten to know me a little bit better, hahaha!

While I have your attention, I've decided I want to do something fun over on my Facebook page: Sherbet Aurora that involves you. So go and like that page right now.

I'll leave you to go do that....

Are you back?  Okay, here's my thoughts.

I want to, every week, post a link on my facebook page to a different blogger. This might be a friend, or somebody who has posted something that I loved, or whatever, I'll give the reason alongside the link in a post. This will give me the opportunity to read a lot more blogs, talk to a lot more people and hopefully help people to get readers as well :)

What do you think? My first link will be up on Monday, so please, please go like my page just now so you are always able to see it!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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