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23 November 2016


So ... A few months ago I spent a weekend with my best blogger bae - Jasmine! I got to meet her, her fiance Stuart and they're adorable little girl, Rinoa (who at the time I visited was one month old!)
This has taken me a while to post, mostly because I didn't take much pictures or take many notes on what happened. I was being a good blogger for my first two days where I updated as the day was over, but then I just got hit with so much life change! So I apologise for that.

Day one - 09/07/16
This day was fun when I arrived, but there was a lotttttaa thing going wrong.
I hadn't gotten much sleep. I went to bed around 1am, but finally got to sleep at 3.15am.... And woke up at like 4.45am. It was a struggle. I was so tired that every time I stood up, I felt like I was about to collapse. But I managed to get myself showered and dressed, and got the final pieces for my suitcase packed away and before I knew it, it was 6.04am and I had to run to the car so my mum could give me a lift to the train station for my 6.13am train. Which I just made.

I arrived into Glasgow at 7am, and made my way up to the coach station. I was really tired, but beginning to wake up. I got to the coach station in time for my train, but when I got to my stance, there was a bunch of very energetic people and no available seats which made me feel a bit lousy because I was not ready to be around so many happy people. But eventually they went away and I got a seat. Then it was 7.30am and my coach still wasn't there. The guy next to me kept talking to me, then he went to check where the coach was at.

7.50am came along and I was finally sitting on the coach, took my selfie and updated Jasmine on the fact I was now en route. The journey up was long and tiring. There isnt a lot more to say about it.

I arrived at hers just before 12pm, and got a message to tell me they (Jasmine and Stuart) hadn't yet left to come and get me. I was low-key grateful because I really needed some fresh air, so I sat at the bus stance. It didn't take too long for them to arrive. We went into town briefly, then got in the car and went to their house, where I got to meet a sleeping Rinoa and Stuart's friend, Doug.

Most of the afternoon we spent watching Stuart play Overwatch, and I got to hold baba Rinnie, which was pretty cool - because I'd never actually held a baby before. It was so odd because she's real, like ... A little human. She is a little person. She has a brain. She slept for a while, then she woke up and her facial expression threatened that she was about to cry so I handed her back to Jasmine (lol.)

We dropped off the baba at Jasmine's mum's then went to get snacks and lots of alcohol. Then we came back to their house, I had a wee nap while Jasmine made us all some spag bol (CHEERS BAE <3) and the drinking games began: 'Shitfaced' ... Which is exactly what happened to Jasmine. It was very funny. Then we skyped with Saph (which we all should do again!) and I eventually got some sleep at about 3am.

Day two
Today was pretty chilled out. I woke up at 12pm then lay in bed until around 1pm. We all just sat around in our PJs not doing very much. I blogged a little bit, Jasmine made us all a fry up. Jasmine's mum brought Rinoa back, then at about 9pm Jasmine began prepping dinner - roast chicken, carrots, turnip and roast potatoes, it was delicious, we ate it while watching Hell's Kitchen. Doug then went home, and Stuart went to bed, so Jasmine and I stayed up a little longer and just chatted, internetted and talked to little Rinnie before we went to bed.
Day three
I don't remember doing that much today either. It was another little chill-out and relax day. The initial plan was that we were going to go for Afternoon Tea but neither of us really had any change for the bus, so we stayed in, blogged a little and and had a nice little gossip. We talked (nicely!) about some of our blogging friends and caught up with some posts of people we both really enjoy to read!

This was when Professor Brian Cox's latest tv show was on, and so that night I forced Jasmine and Stuart to watch it with me, while ordering in a Domino's! It was good fun. I'd noticed my boy, Bri tweet earlier in the day in an argument about 'Flat Earth' and so I myself ended up in an almost twitter argument over the same subject. It was a good laugh really. (I also really love Professor Brian Cox so if anybody could arrange to let me meet him IRL I'll be so grateful xoxo)

Day four
I got myself packed up and then we went out and caught the bus, with pram in tow. We had a few minutes to wait, and I spent it messing around on snapchat (I took a hilarious picture of me with a Doge face!) and then the bus arrived. Jasmine was a sweetie who paid for me to get on, and in no time we had arrived at the Simpson's Garden centre.

We hadn't booked a table, but that was no problem. We were seated (after some navigation with the pram!) It also didn't take too long for our tea and snacks to arrive, which was presented on a tiny little picnic bench - I'd never seen anything like it! It was super cute! This was when Jasmine brought out her camera and we both got settled in being typical bloggers!

The afternoon tea itself was basic, but really nice. The atmoshphere in the garden centre was.... It just was. It was loud, there was a lot of people, but we were relaxed. We enjoyed a lovely chat, Rinoa was well behaved and then
we went to get the bus home and .... Wow.

The bus was packed, and because I didn't know the area, I opted to sit next to Jasmine, at the front of the bus, with the pram. As the bus got busier and busier, I spotted a second pram about to come onto the bus, so I told Jasmine I was going to move and she should nod at me when we get off. There was enough space for the pram and the mum to sit with it, as well as extra seats in the front for any elderly persons to get on. That was all fine.

I took a seat at the middle of the bus, and then looked up to see that the second mum was buying her ticket, so glanced at my vacant seat to realise... It was no longer vacant. Despite there being enough seats at the front for any persons who needed the one, an elderly lady had opted to sit in my vacated seat. Meaning that this mum had nowhere else to go. I was pissed. Jasmine was pissed, and I'm pretty sure the second mum was pissed. It was just so rude, especially when the elderly woman in question had been previously seated in a different seat!

I'm still in shock about that.
Anyway, we arrived back, I finalised my packing and then Stuart and his friend arrived. Soon after that it was time for me to head back to get the coach!
I had such a wonderful time meeting my bae and her little family and I can't wait until I get the chance to go back! (Which... Might be quite soon... I'm such a terrible blogger.)

Hopefully next time I'll get some better pictures, but then again, we got the chance to enjoy each others company and we can keep the memories, so next time can be more photo heavy!

Jasmine, I'm sorry this took so long to post! Please forgive me!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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