Why Do I Love Bill and Ted?

01 July 2017


Greetings, my excellent friends!

I'm sure you're all aware that my favourite films are the Bill and Ted films, and I'm pretty sure you're all fed up with me going on and on about them on Twitter, Facebook and in real life too. In fact, I bet even if you haven't seen the films, you know enough random facts to be able to hold a conversation with me about them!

I'm not going to apologise for this, because Bill and Ted have made me into the person I am today. Which is cheesy AF, but also true. I'd like to tell you a bit about why I love the franchise as much as I do, and why I need there to be more that 2 Bill and Ted pop vinyl figures, and why I need Bill and Ted 3 to hurry up and go into production! I've been waiting so long, so much longer than McFly album 6 *insert frustrated face here*.

Anyway, let's begin.

The films follow Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan, aka the Wyld Stallyns. They are 2 total idiots who share a dream of forming a most sucessful band, and despite their critics, their ambitions never falter. They're about to flunk high school, and in order to stay, they need to get an A+ in their final oral history report. The odds look bad, then someone from the future comes to visit, and their excellent adventure through history begins; meeting a number of famous historical figures and getting into a whole lot of comedic situations. All your questions get answered. Trust me.

The second film doesn't feel like a sequel, it could actually be a stand alone film in its own right, and twists some of the elements you see in the first film (I'm talking evil robots, dude!) This guy, De Nomolos, wants to rewrite history and totally erase the impact the Wyld Stallyns have had on the future! They both die, and go to hell and heaven where they, again, meet a bunch of interesting new friends and have a most interesting adventure. Or bogus journey, as the film is called.

So, how did I get into the films? What do we blame for my obsession with these two dufus'?

My PS2. I always worry if this fact is accurate, because I got my PS2 when I was really young, but, I remember that when my brother and I both went half and half to purchase our console (which, btw, I still have to this day) we were given a few games and a DVD. That DVD was Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Paul and I watched it, and for years I'd totally forgotten about it, until I randomly discovered it one day in my room.

When I was walking through HMV not too later on, I found out that there was another film; Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which was actually the first one! I got so excited, and it was then, way back in 2008 when I was 14 years old that my obsession blossomed. That's 9 years ago! After then, Bill and Ted was one of the only things I could talk about, and I forced a bunch of my friends to watch the films, I got a Wyld Stallyns tshirt when I was 17, and at the same time, at college, we studied the Matrix. I made references to Bill and Ted in my school work (seriously). I didn't know, at this point, that there was a whole community out there who also loved the movies as much as I did, I just thought I was alone in my love for this random 80s classic. But no.

Roughly 6 years ago was when I first found out about the 3rd installment of the films - the "threequel" and I'm still waiting. The 'latest' news has all been the same things I've been hearing about since way back then, and I really just need the film to go into production. It's gotten to a point where friends who have never seen the films, but know that I enjoy them, are tagging me in comments with the 'latest' news and I have to disappointingly tell them that I already know.

This is all well and good, but what exactly is it about the films that I love so much?

Truthfully, they're not as great as I make them out to be. But, they are probably the most 80s and 90s movies you could possibly watch! The story arc is simple, the characters are loveable and they're just really, really funny! It doesn't matter how often I watch them (note, I watch them a lot) they're just always really, really funny to me! Plus, they taught me how to swear in French. Thanks, Napoleon!

Probably the most famous phrase from the films is "Be excellent to each other", which you may have noticed is what I sign off all my posts with, and is also what I have tattood on my wrist. It's also a quote that I live by. I try to remember to be kind to everyone that I meet, unless they give me a good reason not to be and, tbh, it's something that's helped me reap a lot of rewards. I'm known as being a kind person. Bill and Ted are also just two completely wholesome characters, and one of the lines that never fails to make me laugh is in Bogus Journey;

Bill: "Okay so, God, as if you didn't know... We are not the 3 wise people that you might have thought we were."

Ted: "No... We mugged 3 people and took their clothes...... Sorry."

They just make me really happy, and when I have a bad day, they're all I need to cheer me up. I'm so excited that there are comics coming out now, and that there appear to be more new fans popping up. I love being able to read and watch about new updates about the film, or about things I might not know about the films that already exist. To know that Alex Winter (Bill) has replied to me on twitter. I don't apologise for my love of the films. But if it annoys you, then I'm sorry it annoys you. I've tried really hard not to waffle in this post and to condense my thoughts but really, really, really I just want to show how passionate I am about them. I suppose that's what this paragraph is about just now. I long to have a full collection of the Bill and Ted pop vinyls, and I think it would be amazing to see if I'm able to recreate the entire film with them. I currently take the ones that are out and about with me when I go places, and I have an instagram to document my adventures. I just get really excited about Bill and Ted, and they're the thing that gets me through each day. I keep thinking to myself "if the film is set in the UK, I have to be an extra!" but then, I'd probably implode if I was an extra. I'd cry so much, but I need the film to happen to bad!

There's honestly just so much I could talk about with these films, but I've already made this post really long. I just hope it's given you some insight into my love for the films. I wish I'd been in America to have been able to experience the cartoons and live action series (even if I've heard they're not the best) because I really feel as if I've missed out on something.
What film is your favourite, and in one paragraph, what is it that you love so much about it?

Until next time, be excellent to each other. (And part on, dudes!)
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