My Flaws: Why They Make Me Perfect

08 July 2017


So, I've not really been feeling myself the last few days. I've felt really down, about my life at the moment, about my blog, about a lot of things. I've watched Point Break this week more than I've ever watched a film consecutively, and I've been trying to make small changes to see if they've make me feel happier.

Regardless of that, I had an idea on a bus journey about things that I view as being my flaws, and given that I feel down this week, it seems the perfect time to celebrate my imperfections, and spread a little positivity at a time that I need it most. So, without further ado, let's dive straight in.

I get attached to things too easily.
I wrote a blog post a while back about my 'weird' teddy bear thing. I get attached to things really easily. If I see a teddy bear, at build a bear for example, I might find that I need to buy it. There and then. I can't leave it. It happened in Singapore, where I bought two teddies simply because I couldn't put them both back, I needed them. Even though they're inanimate objects, my brain can't divide that from being sentient - as if not taking them home would make them really upset. It's a really weird thing to me and I really hate that I have it. I remember when I was younger, a balloon artist made me a Daffy Duck while in Blackpool, and I had to leave it in the hotel, which crushed me. (I found out later that I didn't actually have to, which made me feel worse.) I've also never forgotten about that balloon that escaped from the car boot and flew up into the sky. Absolutely devistating.

Why is this a good thing? It means that I have a lot of love. I care a lot, and if something makes me happy, I'll want to do anything I can to keep it in my life. The love I hold for soft toys, as well, also shows that if I ever have a child, then it will be one of the most loved children on Earth. I care really deeply about a lot of things, and it's one of the things that drives me every day.

I'm a perfectionist.
This is a good thing though? Yes and no. I like things to look perfect, and can be really pernickity about it. Sometimes, I get so frustrated that something isn't perfect that I don't do anything at all, except sit and wish it looked different. This is usually the reason I don't tidy my room. (Great excuse...) I usually have a vision, but don't know how to achieve it, and it stresses me out.

Why is this a good thing? Similar to the above, I care a lot. I want things to be done right, I have a fear of failure. The push to achieve perfection at work means that I put 110% into what I do.

You might have realised that I get obsessed over things really easily. This isn't something to be confused with growing attachments, however. I'm obsessed with the Bill and Ted franchise, as one example. I need to have all the merch relating to it, I need to know all there is about it, I need to spread the word of it and get other people as excited and obsessed as I am. It can take over my life some days!

Why is this a good thing? It shows that I have a lot of enthusiasm. I get so excited over the smallest of things, and sometimes, that's enough to make somebodies day. (It also annoys people but that's their problem.) It also means that it doesn't take much to lift my spirits, and that I'm really easy to buy presents for!

Positive mental attitude.
Ironically posting this while I'm having a down few days, but I'm somebody that can always see the best in a tough situation. I'll always try to spin something around so that somebody can see the positives. "Ugh, it's raining outside.", well at least the plants are getting watered. "I can't afford a holiday this year.", just think about how good your next holiday will be! Take a few days off work and get to know your town a bit better! "You're obsessed with those Bill and Ted films!" Because they're AMAZING!

Why is this a good thing? It's hardly a bad thing, but it just means that I'm there to counter all the negative thoughts other people might be having, including my own. It helps to keep me grounded.

My terrible blog photos
I'm so bad at taking photos for my blog, I've been lacking so much creativity. I have a few photos on the blog that I know I need to retake and re-edit. They're so poor.

Why is this a good thing? It means that I still have things to learn. And I'll get there. My blog content used to be terrible, but now it looks quite decent, so there's nothing stopping me from achieving the perfect photographs!

I think I'll stop at 5. But there you have it! We're all flawed, nobody is perfect, and that's what makes us perfect. Let me know in the comments at least one of your flaws, and flip that around to tell me about what that's a good thing. Let's spread some positivity!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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