8 Hours In London

25 July 2017


So, as I'm sure you're all aware, back in April this year I travelled down south to visit Lucy, from Bethan's Blog. What you may not realise is that on two of the days of my visit, she was at work, and so I had free reign over what I wanted to do. I decided to get some uni work done on the Monday, which... Didn't really go too well, whoops, but on the Tuesday, I thought I'd take the opportunity to travel to London for a few hours.

I love London, it's no secret. I normally find myself sticking to the same haunts, but I'm also usually with somebody. This would be the first time that it was completely up to me where I was going to go, and what I was going to do, and it was also my responsability not to get lost. So yes, I mostly stuck to the same places, and they're all pretty popular areas as well so I don't want you to think this is some 'secret tourist attractions in London Spring 2017 Edition!' post, because it's absolutely not, it's just a post about my wanderings as a 23 year old Scottish girl with nothing better to do than walk for hours. Are you ready?! Cause I'm stoked!

As soon as I hopped off the train, my first port of call was to top up my tourist's Oyster card, because the last time I'd visited was in 2015 for SITC, and I couldn't remember how much was on it. After that, I hopped straight onto the underground to Green Park, so that I could take a wander to see Queenie, at Buckingham Palace. (She wasn't in. Because I'd totally forgotten that part.) I took a few photos then set off walking again, past the fountain before stopping to realise that I had my Bill and Ted pop vinyls in my bag, and so this would be the perfect opportunity to take some photos for my Bill and Ted Instagram! Say it. Say that I'm a nerd.

I then made my way over to Downing Street. There was a lot more tourists than I expected to see, so I only took a picture as I walked past briefly but I knew that I wanted to walk past the London Eye and parliament. These would be instagram worthy. I then hopped back onto the underground to Baker Street, because I'd suddenly rememebered that I'd never actually been inside the Sherlock Holmes museum. I was so excited that I managed to get myself lost (well done, Gail.) and spent 45minutes or so navigating myself back again, though I did pass a building that was a baby blue colour, which is my favourite colour! By the time I got there, there was a huge queue and I decided that it wasn't worth it. So I just kept walking. However, I'd walked past a hair dressers and I really wanted to get my fringe cut back in again, so after another 20 minutes or so of aimless wandering, I walked back to the hairdressers and got my fringe cut. It was a bit wonky but whatever. I could straighen it myself if it really bothered me. It was only £5.

I was starting to get hungry, and it was coming close to lunch time and all I could think about was a Bill's burger from Bill's Restaurant. The only problem was, I had no idea where my nearest restaurant was! I'd typed it into Google so many times but I just kept missing it. Two hours later, and I'd finally managed to find one. This time, I was at Covent Garden. I was starving. But I also really fancied having the cocktail of the month, which was incredible, and I really wish I could have one again. After my meal, I decided to explore the new area I'd found myself in. (New as in, it was my first time there that day, whereas I'd walked around my other usual haunts about twice.) I wandered around China town for a little bit, and then also into Leicester Square, where I paid a visit to the M&M store (but ended up not getting anything.)

I can't remember where I made the decision to do this, but I decided it would be a fun idea to switch my data off and see if I could find my way back, by walking, to the train station. My plan was to follow areas in the direction I knew them to be, and if I was in doubt, I'd use the street signs at the end of all the roads. I did pretty well, and I managed to find my way back to Buckingham Palace where I took a new selfie with the building, this time with my new fringe, and then some shots of Bill and Ted I'd not thought about taking the first time around. By now my legs were getting really tired, and I knew I could make it back to the underground easily, so I opted for that option (phone was also low on battery, and it was late evening). I won't bore you with details of me sitting on the train because it was really uneventful.

Lucy picked me back up at the train station and at, I think 7pm, I was back in the house.

I'm absolutely confident that I have forgotten some things, because it was 3 months ago, and also I'm basing a lot of my story on the photos on my phone which probably aren't completely accurate. I enjoyed being able to go for the wander, though, and it's definitely something I'd do more of if I had a longer time to spend in the city. I'd even like to research some smaller, but nice, areas to visit so that I can step out of my comfort zone a little with the areas that I visit most often! So let me know in the comments where you'd suggest I visit next time!

Also, getting myself purposely lost was so much fun! It really tested my navigational skills and I'm tempted to give it a bash once again. We'll see if I do!

Thanks for reading and until next time, be excellent to each other.

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