My Short Trip To Millport

27 June 2017


Today is a relatively short post, because there isn't a whole lot of travelling going on in my life at the minute. I'm still working out a budget for when I go travelling, and I don't want to start planning anything until I know how much money I'm gonna have. Saying that, however, at the weekend I had a rare Sunday off work! In fact, not only did I have the Sunday off, but my granda was free, my uncle was off work and my mum took the Sunday off from car booting, and so my granda suggested we take a trip over to Millport, on Great Cumbrae - one of the Scottish islands just off the coast at Largs.

I've actually never been to any of the islands. (I know, that's terrible.) So, I was quite excited at the idea of going! Sadly, I wasn't feeling 100% because I randomly took ill the night before, but I was still going no matter what, I just might be a bit quiet and tired.

We set off at 11am and in no time we were at Largs, sitting in the queue to board the ferry. My uncle bought our tickets, and we boarded the boat. Actually, we were the last ones on this journey! The boat goes back and forth multiple times a day, because it's only a short distance from mainland to the island. (About 10 minutes, if even that)

Once we'd disembarked, my uncle drove us to Millport, where we got out and had a wander. It was absolutely beautiful, and I'm so ashamed that I'd never been before! Plus, it wasn't even raining so I got to take multiple amazing pictures. My granda then turned around and said 'are you not going to take a picture of the little people?' (which confused me for a moment before it clicked that he meant my Bill and Ted pop vinyls. I have a Bill and Ted travel Instagram. I'm cooler than you.) And so I did.

We walked until we got to a bus stop, and then about turned, and headed into a cafe. Me being ill meant that, despite eating breakfast, I was still hungry, so I had a sweet chilli chicken wrap and a bottle of water, while my family had teas and a cappuccino and just a treat. After that, we headed back to the car to the highest spot on the island, where my granda said 'you can stand and look around the whole island!' This is where I filmed a little for my Insta story (and took a few more B+T pictures.)

There wasn't a whole lot else to do, so we hopped back in the car and went on a visit to the cathedral on the island. Other than my church when I was younger, which is church of Scotland, not  I'd never actually stepped foot anywhere religious, and I've never visited a cathedral before, so I took a lot of pictures outside and only one inside, because I wanted to ensure I was being as respectful as possible.

We didn't stay too long, and after that, there wasn't a whole lot more we could think of to do, plus I was getting really, really tired so we followed the road around the island and boarded the boat back home again.

Overall, it was really nice to get to visit, and also very windy! But I'd love to go back and visit the other islands on the west coast of Scotland. Hopefully next time I'll actually feel well enough to enjoy it more!

Have you ever visited Millport? Or, any of the Scottish islands? Let me know in the comments where you think I should visit!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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