Things I've Learned From Others

17 June 2017


This is a post idea I've had for a really long time, and it's something that I know I can add to later in the future as well. We all evolve as we begin to meet and interact with new people, and that's not a bad thing. Personally, I'm a completely different person to who I was 5 years ago. Even just two years ago! And the change has absolutely been for the better. I like who I am now, even if there are still a few things I'd like to change about myself. But, this post isn't about that. It's about celebrating the parts of me that I owe to a few of the people I've met so far in my life.

I also want to point out how much influence music has on me. If you tell me your favourite song or band, I'm more inclined to listen to it, because it helps me feel like I can get to know you a lot better. And, chances are, I begin to like that song or band, too.

Lucy taught me not to take things to heart. We joke about a lot, and sometimes we've joked about serious things, but there's always a line. She's taught me that I don't have to walk on eggshells all the time, because life is too short. I found myself coming out of my shell that little bit more since we became friends, and I've pushed myself more to do things I wouldn't have normally done. Lucy, I was never someone who was a car singer because I was scared of being judged. But we were car singing when I came to visit you, which was a big deal for me. So thank you for making me feel comfortable enough for that.

Jasmine also helped a lot with the whole 'carefree' thing, but guys, she's such an amazing cook. Every time I've been at hers, I've stood with her in the kitchen and just watched her in action, because I'm just like 'how?!' She was a huge influence on me when I moved into my student accommodation, because she inspired me to want to be able to cook my own food, and not rely on pot noodles. (Let's be honest, though, I hate pot noodles, so I'd never eat them. I digress.)

I have a brother. This fact seems to shock people, and I'm not sure why. Regardless, Paul has taught me that when you put in effort, you'll get places. I'm always amazed at his ability to have another job lined up when one packs in, or how he can always get things sorted for himself. I don't know how he manages it, but I've tried to adopt this behaviour in a small way - I put extra effort into everything that I do. Especially recently at work, and I've really started to reap the rewards of hard work, I just need to push to keep it going.

Sarah encouraged me to read. It seems to small and insignificant but I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed reading. Sure, it may take me a bit longer to actually finish the book because I get easily distracted, but it's always so worth it once I do, and I owe it completely to her.

Ryan, you taught me that I can do things alone. I was always terrified of the thought of going to the cinema alone, for example, and always needed a friend to agree to go with me, but now, if a film comes out that I wanna see, I'm not afraid to sit there by myself - I make great company! Not only that but I'm no longer afraid of asking for a table for one when I go out to eat. You taught me not to be afraid of my own company. Additionally, you introduced me to comic books and Harley Quinn. (Even if I'd sort of been in the world before, you gave me the nudge I needed to become immersed in the world.)


Joanne, you were my flatmate during my first year of university. And you taught me the importance of learning a second language. I was amazed at how well your English came along during the few months that we lived together, and I wish my French was as good as your English. Merci beaucoup! Et aussi, tu me manques. Je voudrais parler français courlement pour mon voyage l'annee prochaine!


Jason, your sponaneity impresses me, and I wish I was able to be half as spontaneous as you can be. You also gave me the extra little push to go travelling, and (as I never shut up about it), I've started to plan it out. I'm hoping to be a bit more spontaneous while I'm venturing in the world, even if I know I'll always fall back into my safety net again, but I'm excited at the unknown, which I've never really felt before.

I might continue this post in the near future because I could write so much in here, so let me know in the comments one thing somebody has influenced within you, and let me know if you'd like a post similar to this again!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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