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03 June 2017


A couple of weeks ago, I went to Pizza Punks with Morag after we went to the She Reads Comics event at Forbidden Planet, Glasgow. Now, I really, really like pizza, and I've been to Pizza Punks once before and I really liked it. Morag has also ordered deliveries from them for a while, and we were struggling to think of where we could go together for food we both like and can eat, so this seemed like the perfect option.

When we arrived, there were a number of diners dotted around. We stood for a very short time, and were seated near to the window. Immediately, we went to the the cocktail menu. Because cocktails. And the choice was so difficult. Last time, I got Gin and Tonic float (it was amazing), but this time there was so many attractive options. Then, Morag pointed out the milkshakes and, basically, we needed the help of our waiter to choose. In the end, I ordered a Drumstick Caprioska.

Our waiter, Jack, was lovely, and he gave us really detailed explanations, and he genuinely seemed to want the best for us. He sat down beside us while we were ordering, which made the experience extremely informal (which I found great, especially as Pizza Punks has a very chilled atmosphere). Morag is Vegan, and they also offer Vegan options - which is really great! Once he picked up on this, he immediately began to spout out a whole range of information for her regarding the products, which afterwards, Morag and I observed that he must be Vegan, himself, to be able to go into so much description.

Like I said, the atmosphere is really relaxed, and has kind of urban vibes. Think of an edgier Bill's. The music being played is additionally a bit 'edgier' - remember, the place is called Pizza Punks so don't go in expecting the top 40s, but there is something for everyone. The waiters' uniform also featured Bowie's face on a tshirt.

One of my favourite things about Pizza Punks is that you pick your pizza. As in, you choose the base, which cheese you want (or don't want!), and the toppings - all or a fixed price of £9! And it's stone baked, which you can witness at the front of the place. I was mesmerised by the chefs throwing and spinning the bases around - I think I gave Morag a bit of a laugh!

The place is great to just chill in, and have a relaxing conversation. Unlike other places, the tables weren't too close together, so there's no chance of anybody eavesdropping on the conversation you're having!

I can actually make my own pizzas, and the pizzas here as similar to the ones I can make (but better.) Thing is, I tend to find that the best pizzas are the ones that you can't finish (fight me on this.) because I enjoy being able to spend my time eating and enjoying it rather then rush the thing. I'm always so shocked when I witness people chow down a pizza because I can't see them being able to have actually tasted it! As you can imagine, I didn't finish this pizza, which our waiter made a few jokes about it - but did offer me a doggy bag! (I live about an hour away by bus now so I generally refuse this. I might change this in the future in order to reduce my wastage because I hate that I refuse.)

We didn't get desserts in the end, so we left a tip after we paid the bill.

TL;DR, if you like pizza and are in the Glasgow (or surrounding) area, get yourself down to Pizza Punks! It's definitely worth it for a wee night out. It's cheap, relaxing and, you know, you can never go wrong with a pizza!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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