My Winter Coat

09 January 2018


Today I wanted to write about my coat. I like my coat. It's purple and it's warm and it's basically the thing that's getting me through this winter!

So, I got this coat for my Christmas. It's from Trespass (non-sponsored post) and it's highly waterproof at 10,000mm. It's also incredibly breathable, and windproof with taped seams. Honestly, this is my current favourite coat. It's part of the DLX range, which stands for Designed for Life in Extremes. The DLX range are the more specialist items that Trespass offer, but that does also mean that it is slightly more expensive (it's worth it though!).

The coat is a parka style and I really liked that it's a purple colour and that it has a fluffy hood. It does come in other colours too. A moss colour and a yellow one. Plus, the hood detaches. It snowed a lot a few weeks ago so that combined with a thick fleece kept me really warm! But, it's also the only coat that I've owned that I've been able to go outside in without a fleece on underneath, as well. It's honestly the warmest coat I've ever owned and I. love. it. I have this coat in a size small. I'm a UK size 8/10 top, and 10/12 bottom, but because I liked the fitting look that the extra small gave me when I tried it on (the sleeves moved up when I wore that whereas the small fits comfortably), I pulled it in at the middle using the drawcord to provide the same kind of look.

This is a really lame post, and I'm fully aware of that, but I just really wanted to write something about how good this coat is. And yes, it will be coming with me to France! The planning of which is going really well and I will be writing a post about my progress on later!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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