Cutting Ahead

05 December 2017


You might remember a few months ago, I posted a blog titled "A Hair Raising Scheme".  The idea behind this was that I was looking to raise some money for my long-term travel plans, that I wanted to start at the beginning of next year, and that one of the ways I was looking to raise money was by cutting off my very long hair. I'd even set up a Go Fund Me page and raised... £5. That plus a lot of other reasons made my plans change very quickly and I'm now looking to stay in my job and take all my holidays instead so that I still get to travel out of it, but to also have money to keep me afloat. It's a good plan but I'm still a little bit down about it.

Despite all this, however, I'd essentially still made a commitment to cut off my hair. I'd been growing it since I was 15 years old, when I last cut off a dramatic amount of it. That's 8 years. I'd been growing my hair for 8 years. And I loved my long hair. You might have noticed that I'm talking in the past tense. There's a reason for that.

The commitment I'd made was that after my holiday to Lanzarote (Read again about my Lanzarote Highlights excursion and my surfing experience), I'd cut it off, and donate the braids to the Little Princess Trust so that a child would be (hopefully) be able to get enjoyment out of my hair, as they battled with cancer or hairloss. Everyone kept asking me about when exactly I was going to do it. Constantly. Every couple of days somebody would ask 'Are you still doing that?!' It got annoying, so I decided that I was going to do it in secret.

So on Thursday 30th November, I travelled through to Falkirk and into my hairdressers, Damask hair and beauty. (I live on the other side of Glasgow now but I still like and trust everybody at Damask, so I still like travelling through to get my hair done with them.) with my hair prepared and in two pigtails. I walked in, not expecting to be able to get my hair cut that same day, but to instead be able to talk to somebody about the condition of my hair and to make an appointment.

I was lucky enough to get an appointment for that same day with Lisa, who was just back from her maternity leave (congratulations again!). She measured the length of hair to cut off, made sure it was something that I wanted to do and.. She cut my braids. She was really patient with me as well, and was putting me at ease (if it felt like I was uneasy, it was just because I was hungry!). I said that it was something I was going in secret, but the excitement got too much for me and I ended up messaging Saph to confess what I was up to.

"Is your hair short enough? I can make it shorter!"

My hair is being sent off today, and I'm really sad about it. But I wanted to write a post to essentially give you all an update on what's happening with my travel plans, as well as my new life with short hair (did I mention I have short hair?!)

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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