My Ideal Guy

16 December 2017


So. I am single. Very single.
And a few months ago, one of my friends joked that because I'd written 'my dating profile' a year or so ago, that I should write a blog post about my ideal guy. I laughed it off as a stupid idea, but I'm out of ideas for today so... HERE WE GO!

Now before I actually start, please don't take this 100% seriously. Because it's not supposed to be taken seriously. I've liked people who fit into the 'categories' and people who don't. People are people and we shouldn't live life trying to fit others into boxes.

Okay, so first of all, I tend to like long hair. I say long, I mean about shoulder length, but also short hair, normally with a fringe. And normally I like dark hair, but I also like long blonde hair. So, basically, we're looking at Dan Howell and Dougie Poynter.

To get it out the way, height isn't a big deal to me, because I'm very short, so everyone is taller than me anyway! But I do like brown eyes.

I've been trying to learn how to chill out, and 'zen'. It's something I've found to really help with my anxiety and depression. So, it would be nice if I could find somebody that was also the same. In relation to this, I do have a thing for 'surfer' type guys (I watch Point Break a lot. Lowkey have a crush on the character 'Grommet'.) I think that says it all.

Surfing was a lot of fun! And I really like board sports, and have a slight competetive side so me. (You should have seen me playing air hockey with my colleagues at our staff night out a few days ago!). There are still a bunch of sports that I want to try; sailing, try kayaking again, go back to fencing... I rediscovered my love of sports this year, after deciding that I didn't like sports while at high school. But I'm also a very adventurous person, and I'm always going to want to be doing something or exploring somewhere so if there was someone else who also wanted to explore as much as I do that would be super duper.

Languages are also really important to me, and I do find that guys who can, or want to learn, another language are slightly more attractive to me. Most of all though, I just want to be with somebody that I can learn from, and somebody that I can teach at the same time. Life is beautiful and complicated so to have someone by my side to tackle it alongside me would be the best feeling in the world. So somebody who can not only be my partner, but also my best friend. Ew, cringe.

This blog post is incredibly vague, and I'm 100% aware of that! But like I said at the start, it's not supposed to be taken as a bio on a dating app (I don't use those any more, anyway.) So don't look into this too much!

I'll see you again on Tuesday, for a hopefully less vague and more exciting post!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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