My Plans For Sherbet Aurora

23 December 2017


My post on Tuesday had a lot of negative vibes attached to it, and again, I'm really sorry about that! Today is a more positive one, and its about my plans/hopes for Sherbet Aurora in the coming year.

First of all, I'm hoping I can keep up my current schedule of posting twice a week, but I had a thought a few months about about expanding to three times a week (can I manage it?) So we'll see if I'm able to! Related to that, I want to be able to get better at scheduling my tweets (because I'm so bad at remembering to do it!) as well as try to get into a habit of having a few posts scheduled at least a week in advance to try and take the stress out of blogging the day before my posting day. Seriously, I'm in a really bad habit of staying up past midnight writing a post to go up the next day, and waiting until mid morning so I have decent natural lighting in order to take a photo. It's so bad.

Talking about blog photography, I want to get a lot better at it. Like I just said, I normally take the photo in a hurry the same day as my posts go live, which is a really bad habit to be in! And it makes my posts look ... Boring. You can say it, because I know it's true. My photos are really boring. (Although I was so proud of my photo about my ideal guy because I did that photo in about 15 minutes and it looks really good! Not only that but I feel I should clarify that I'm actually right handed, not left handed. Because my friend pointed out the fact that I made myself look left handed. It was just easier to make the angle that way.) On the topic of photography, I'm hoping that my instagram can have a makeover. I've stopped posting as often as I used to because I have nothing interesting to post, so hopefully 2018 brings me more exciting things that I can share and spice up my instagram theme!

I want to incorporate more language into my blog. I've had the thought of writing some blog posts and trying to translate them into French? Which is a really great idea, but it might be a bit too advanced for my current French skills. Ambition, perhaps? Surely I can translate at least one post into another language! That's my 2018 goal! But yeah. I want Sherbet Aurora to become a language/travel/lifestyle/etc kinda blog. Maybe I'll be able to write some more mental health posts, or outfit posts, seeing as my style is improving... We shall see!

I want to attend at least one blogging event. I always miss out on them, mostly because I live in Scotland and most events are down in London which means that I'm automatically not able to go. I haven't actually been invited to any events yet, but even if I'm able to go to a ticketed one, then that would be amazing!

I really want to improve my readership. I was edging closer and closer to 700 views a month until I had a mental health dip a few months ago and stopped posting, and now I'm lucky if I hit about 250, which is really sad! So in the coming year, I want to be able to write more interesting posts, read more blogs and engage a lot more than I currently am. I want to feel a part of the community again.

Lastly, and possibly most ambitiously, depending on your outlook, I want to start making youtube videos again. I had another laptop where I edited all my videos but it's broken now, and this laptop doesn't have the memory to allow me to edit videos, so I haven't been able to make one in over a year and that really upsets me! I loved my youtube channel, and I'd love to get back into it. Truthfully, I find filming videos slightly more comforting than writing a blog post. But that might be because I'd been making videos a looot longer than I've been blogging for! Who knows!

So, that's my 2018 blogging goals. They're pretty generic, I know. Let's see how many of them I'm able to achieve!

What are your blogging goals?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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