100 Truths About Gail

20 January 2018


I've not been very scheduled this week, but the lovely Saph from Simply Saph tagged me in this post, so get yourself a cup of tea, and let's get to know me a bit better.

Q1: What’s your name?

Q2: Any nicknames or aliases?

I like to go by 'gailypi', but some people *cough* Russell *cough* call me G-Dawg. You can't really shorten my name, except to call me G so that makes me quite sad.

Q3: Your gender?


Q4: Your star sign?


Q5: How old are you?


Q6: Your relationship status?


Q7: Any children?

Do teddy bears count?

Thomas Cook | A Review

16 January 2018


So, as you all probably know, I went to Lanzarote a few months ago. It was fun, and I miss it so much, but I'll be in France in a few weeks time, which I may have mentioned once or twice before. Anyway, I haven't written an airline review for a little while now, so I thought I should write a little something about my holiday with Thomas Cook.

Why I Love... Hannah

13 January 2018


Sorry I didn't have a Saturday post last week, I've been stressing out quite a bit over planning my travels next month (a blog post will come soon!). I thought that today I could have something nice and easy to read, and so here's my next "Why I Love..." in the series. Let me introduce to you my friend, hannah, aka, hxanou. And one half of Dayvelle.

My Winter Coat

09 January 2018


Today I wanted to write about my coat. I like my coat. It's purple and it's warm and it's basically the thing that's getting me through this winter!

Rancho Texas | Lanzarote

02 January 2018


Happy new year!

So. I wrote a few blog posts about my time in Lanzarote, but after looking in my notepad, where I note down some blog post ideas and bullet points, I realised that there's one that I forgot to write anything about. (Also, I'm sorry that the photos are so poor in the post. The lightning wasn't blog photo friendly, and I didn't decide until I was in the taxi queue that I was going to write this post. I have tried to edit them so they're a bit better than the originals!)