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29 May 2018


Last week I wrote a post about my experience with TUI, and I mentioned that I was going to write a post about the apartments we stayed at. The TUI post itself was quite a long on and I thought this would be a better way to shorten, or break up the posts for everyone. I didn't write anything about the apartment I stayed at in Lanzarote but I was really impressed by Colon 2, so thought I'd write a little something.

Colon 2 is located in the Playa de las Americas area of the island of Tenerife. It's located within a 5 minute walk of the beach, is in close proximity to a variety of shops and restaurants as well as a taxi rank.

My family and I stayed in two rooms; my brother, uncle and grandad all stayed in a three bed apartment, while my mum and I stayed in a two bed apartment. I didn't see too much of the other, so I'll mostly be talking about the one my mum and I stayed in.

We had two single beds, which were pushed together, and that we separated, a large wardrobe, a desk and two bedside tables. There was a fan in both the bedroom as well as the living area, and a sofa that had an extra, pull out bed underneath it. In the kitchen, we had a fridge, oven/microwave, toaster and kettle as well as enough cutlery and plates/bowls for three people, as t
he rooms are self catering. The bathroom had a bathtub and a shower and we had a big balcony, which overlooked a path.

The apartment building itself contained hundreds of rooms, free wifi in the reception, a swimming pool and a small play area for kids. There is also a lift and a pool bar as well as a cafe and restaurant. Inside the hotel, where the rooms are, there is a small garden.

For some reason, whenever I go into a hotel, I have to look in all the drawers, and when I did, I found that one of the bedside cabinets had an unfinished book as well as about 10 cents worth of 1 cent coins. When my grandad checked in their bedside cabinets, he found a little black dress from missguided. We did get a good laugh out of it all but despite the apartments being mostly spotless, it's possible that not everything is being checked. Though I will state that I did see the maids cleaning our room several times (other times we were out) and they changed the towels, made the beds, cleaned the floors and were very fast in doing all this, so it is possible they just miss things with the amount of rooms that they cover. Nothing major was being missed out, and all the important things were clean. However, speaking about the staff brings me onto my next point.

All the staff members were lovely. The hotel itself has a gold medal rating with TUI, and from every exchange with the staff, it's clear why! From checking in on the Friday until we left a week later, the reception staff were always smiling, always saying hello, and always willing to be as helpful as they could be. The same goes for the maids, who were always so smiley and chatty.

We, as a family, didn't spent too much time in the restaurants or bar at all, but my brother regularly sat down there so from that I can assume that it was decent. I've been dealing with a range of health issues at the moment and so didn't go into the pool to be able to comment on that, though I did find it strange that every time I looked, the pool was empty. The few times I walked past it, it was very clean and well maintained.

Overall, the hotel was of a really high standard. Clean rooms, as you'd want, friendly staff, and of a decent size with a range of amenities on offer, and in a great location. I'd stay here again.

I haven't written up a hotel review for a little while so I hope you liked this. Have you ever stayed at the Colon 2 Apartments? If not, what's the best/worst hotel you've stayed at?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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