Why I Love... Georgia Jones

15 May 2018


Two years ago, I wrote a post about anxiety, and in particular, the story that Danny Jones told to London Real, and about how much it resonated with me. If you want to give that one a read, then click here! It's a long one, so make sure you're settled down with a cuppa.

Fast forward to now, and he and his wife, Georgia have had a little boy named Cooper, and ever since finding out about her pregnancy, I've been watching her Instastories religiously, and there are a few reasons why I love her so much. So, making a slight change into my "Why I Love..." series, here are 5 reasons Why I Love... Georgia Jones.

She's real

You can tell who's being themselves and who's putting on an act, and unless she's a really, really good actress, I find her to be so real and down to earth. Her smiles and her jokes are all genuine, because she smiles with her eyes and it really captivates you into watching her videos. In saying all that though, she opens up about a lot of the difficulties she faces and it reminds you of how human she is. She may be a famous model who's married to a rock star, but she's just as normal as me or you, and it's great!

2. She's really funny

This was probably the first thing I noticed while watching her stories, she's really funny and bubbly. She's got a really great sense of humour and seems to be able to see the best side in everything, and doesn't take things too seriously. It's related to my last point, but her sense of humour about things is one of the biggest things that made me really want to keep up to date with what she's up to. If I'm having a bit of a down day, clicking into Instagram and seeing that pink circle around her display picture can really make a few minutes seem a lot brighter.

3. Her dedication

There's a lot of her dedication that is really inspiring to me, but I'm so, so inspired by her dedication to working out, and how she continued to work out throughout her pregnancy. I've had so many friends who have babies and they've really struggled the closer and closer they got to full term, so her determination and ability to continue her workouts (safely) for as long as she did is something I find so incredible. At the time of typing this, she's also started getting back into fitness after taking a short break to allow her body time to recover, and I, myself, really want to start getting into a get fit routine (I have Harry Judd's book, so that's possibly a post for another day!)

4. She's a really great mum

You can tell just from her Instagram how much she loves and cares for her little boy. She's always talking about the struggles she's faced and she's been so open about it, but you can see in her the love she holds for that child, and you can tell that the struggles are just something she's able to get through for that baby's happiness. Additionally, she has a youtube series called 'Bump', which you can watch here.

5. Her relationship with Danny

I can't deny that I got to know of her because of Danny. McFly have been my favourite band since I was 10 years old, and I've watched them grow up at the same time that I have, so finding out about Georgia this way isn't a very strange thing. But, they're one of the most adorable couples I've ever known of, and their happiness makes me so happy! Much in the same way that Giovanna and Izzy arent just 'Tom's wife' or 'Harry's wife', Georgia isn't 'Danny's wife'. They're Giovanna, Izzy and Georgia and they've accomplished incredible things irrespective of who they're married to.

Georgia and Danny are perfect for each other. They just match, and they have an equal sense of humour which I really love getting to see!

Georgia is just so great, I can't fully express it but she's really one of those people who can make you light up - Even just by knowing she exists. She has an ability to really make you smile, and she's somebody who seems to be so down to earth and so caring. The chances of her ever reading this are so slim but if you do happen upon this, you're killing it. Keep being you!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.


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