My Experiences With Other Bill And Ted Fans

12 June 2018


I am a really big Bill and Ted fan (duh), but many of the people I meet have no idea what the films are, what they're about and they've never watched them (enter: Gail). However, that isn't to say that they aren't a pop culture classic. There have been numerous times in my life where I've had a random encounter with a fellow Bill and Ted fan, and so I thought a little post talking about some of those encounters would make a really fun post!

2014 - the shopping centre canteen.

This was one of the first encounters I experienced, and it's the one that I've continuously hated myself over because I froze after it. My friends and I were sitting enjoying a lunch after one of our college classes. I think I was sat with Tanya, Emma and maybe Lauren or Natasha. We'd finished our food and we're having a chat when this guy comes over and asks if we've finished and want our trays taken away. We agree, and as he's about to leave, he says; 'have a great day.... and be excellent to each other.'

Like I said, I froze, I had no response planned out because it was so out of the blue and unexpected, but once the initial shock was over, I started freaking out to my friends about it.

2017 - the plane.

I've probably talked about this before in my post about my flight to Luton, but it was so out of the blue it deserves another mention.

I was sitting on a plane, the total flight time was about an hour, and I was sitting in the middle of 3 seats. As we were coming into land, the guy sitting to my left, the aisle seat, said; 'I like your tattoo', to which I thanked him. 'is it from Bill and Ted?' YES. YES IT IS. And we spent the next few minutes nerding out over Star Wars, Harley Quinn (he didn't know who she was) and the possibility of Bill and Ted 3, which of course, is now a reality.

2017 - the bus

This is a very small one, but in July 2017, I was at my friends' birthday in the centre where I work, and later on that night I got on the bus home. I was wearing my blue Wyld Stallyns skirt that I got from Redbubble. I got on the bus, and sat down, as you do. Then, as I was getting off the bus, I turned to thank the driver and he goes; 'I like your skirt, is that Bill and Ted?' and I just excitedly said 'YES I GOT IT FROM REDBUBBLE!'

2018 - airport security.

I briefly mentioned this one in my review-y of TUI post, but I said it was something I'd talk about in more detail. So here we are.

I was going through security at GLA airport, and for the first time in my life, my tray was getting randomly searched. That's okay. My bag/tray contains my purse, my charger, my portable charger, sunglasses, lipstick + lip liner, my travel bands, my pop vinyls, and this time, some multi vitamins. This was the first time I'd brought multi vitamins so I'd fully expected my tray to get searched.

So. tray goes down and the security guy comes down with a walking stick and tells me he'll be with me in a minute, that he has to 'look after the oldies first', and takes a few swabs of the stick. All standard and I'm cool with it, because it's his job and I've nothing to hide anyway. I'm more nervous that my family have all had their trays go through normally and they're now all watching and waiting on me.

So he comes back over, searches through my bag and pulls out my Ted pop vinyl and I'm just like 'yeah, that's just Ted from Bill and Ted. Bill's in there too.' because I'm used to explaining who Bill and Ted are. He got really excited over this, and so I pulled him out to show him, then showed him my tattoo and we just spent the next minute nerding out because 'omg Bill and Ted'. He told me that he also lives by 'be excellent to each other' and that his phone's ringtone is a guitar solo. At this point my mum's laughing her head off because she can't believe it, and I get my tray back.

I walk towards my family and start getting my tray sorted, when I hear the guy shout up 'IT'S BILL AND TED!!' to his colleagues, and then '....heathens' towards me and my family because his colleagues didn't understand. Which set my mum off once more.

Bill and Ted make me so happy, and the fan base are so amazing, I'm a member of multiple Facebook pages and groups about the two great ones. These were the more significant moments of my life, and I haven't even touched on the people I've become friends with who are also mega fans, because that's something that's happened a few times, too!

I hope you liked this post, I'm trying to incorporate more B+T into my blog because it's a major part of who I am and makes me so happy, so I hope you don't mind.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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