Amsterdam day two: the return FINAL INSTALLMENT

19 April 2015


What I forgot to mention in my last post was that an Italian woman stopped me on the street, speaking very little English (it was mostly hand signals) and asked if she could take a picture of me and her daughter. Obviously, I agreed and it genuinely made me smile, it was so surreal to me!! Her daughter seemed really embarrassed...

Back on board So we were back on the ship once more. I spent a bit of time in my cabin, then met with Tanya and we went a wander about the ship, and said goodbye to the port

I also persuaded her to take a few more pictures of me, and one with me. It was really windy so I was literally holding my dress down, as well was holding onto my wig between takes! This is the best one on the deck:
And inside

Eventually I got changed but because my hair was so ughhh I kept my wig on

And again we went for food. Like last night, we all went to the lighthouse snacks restaurant, but instead of getting that burger again, I instead went for a portion of chips because I knew the portion sizes were really good - and great value for 4.50 euros! I was really sad though because I always have brown sauce with my food (unless I'm eating a McDonalds) and there was no brown sauce left, so had to compensate...

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I also took some pictures around and about the ship.

I was still absolutely desperate to go and see Big Hero 6 which was showing at the cinema on board but nobody would go, so I left that thought and sat at our usual spot with my friends using the wifi, and I found out something that had happened at my work and started panicking. (It was all okay in the end).

So much drama happened after this, and people were falling out left, right and centre. I won't go into detail with everything that was happening, because I don't know if all is well with everyone now. But, everyone was tired, and some people were enjoying themselves and their friends felt like they were being left out and other people were getting angry at their friends for other reasons and it was just crazy.  It was crazy.  crazy.

Eventually, i went out onto the deck at the back of the ship with Caitlin, Nicola and Robert and we just walked, until we realised that there was ripples coming from beside the ship in sets of three....


It was a half hour or so spent in bewilderment and chats about things I can't really remember, but it was a moment that couldn't be captured by anything. Believe me, we tried.

Eventually we all headed back inside, again resumed the wifi position, but then I went to bed a bit earlier than everyone else because I wasn't feeling too great. The tide on the way back was a lot rougher than the previous day.

the tide is high but i'm holding on

the next day
We were up at about the same time as the day before, we packed our suitcases,I nearly left my jacket in the cabin, luckily Caitlin did a double check before we left! And we waited to get off the ship.

It took forever.  My back started to hurt.

Eventually we were off the ship, we went through security and made it to the waiting area, where we waited until everyone else in our group had passed through security.

The the lecturers took another group picture of us all and then we all got on

The coach.I sat next to Tanya again and honestly spent most of my time with my headphones in. But BBC Radio 1 was on and they started playing FOB so obviously the headphones came off.

Our lecturers unexpectedly started passing out different snacks, sweets and fruit!

Eventually we arrived at gretna and had our one hour stop.

I decided to get a subway:

My usual, a 6" chicken breast on Italian bread, with lettuce, gherkins and BBQ sauce. It's incredible.

Then everyone ended up going to costa. I told myself i wasn't going to... But then I caved and treated myself to a peach iced tea. After that we went to the Cadbury shop (!!!), wandered around for a bit and I, obviously, took a toilet selfie.

he journey started again, our lectures gave us some chocolate and in around an hour we made it back to college.

I picked up my suitcase, ran to the train station, boarded the train and went to work to find out what was happening about the thing that I mentioned, showed them my pictures, dropped off the chocolate I'd bought, and just chatted for a bit sitting in the staff room and drinking tea.

And that was my trip to Amsterdam!
I'm sorry if I forgot about anything!! I forgot to take notes on the journey, even though I documented most things with my camera.

To my class who went, thank you for making it such an incredible and memorable trip. I want to go back at some point for a proper visit and actually get to see more of the city and hopefully the country.

Until next time, be excellent to each other


 forgot to mention about my MOUNTAIN DEW

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