Amsterdam day one: the crossing

08 April 2015


So my initial plan was to upload a segment of this per day but I've been very preoccupied with life lately so... !!!

Once we boarded the ferry, we went straight to our cabins. The college had booked us all inside cabins (if you're unfamiliar with ferries and cabins then know that inside cabins are cheaper than outdoor cabins which are cheaper than suites.) and we were mostly all on the sixth floor. I was sharing a room with Caitlin.
So we unpacked and got acquainted with our cabins which were... Tiny. And spent about 5 minutes trying to get the top bunk down.

The key question asked by all: Why is the toilet in the shower??
After we were all unpacked we headed for the outside to see the ship set sail! (omg I can use that phrase and have it actually make sense in the context instead of just another word for go!!)

And we took some amazing pictures

Caitlin and Robert

It was so hard to get a good one of me.  because wind.

I like this one the best

We were all still really excited, but the most important thing from this point on was finding a source of internet. None of us were able to use our data, because the onboard mobile provider was charging us £6 PER MB for internet so that just was not happening. All our phones were put onto airplane mode and then the sudden realisation that there was no easily accessible wifi hit us all and like yeah, that was fun.
We eventually found wifi on deck... I think 7? Might have been 8 but it was the only free source and was always busy and slow...

After a while of finding out bearings (so many navigation + ship puns I LOVE IT!) we went to go and check on a few of our friends.  the cabins, again were tiny and having like 4 people in it was a miracle so imagine our surprise when we managed this:

That's like 8 people.  crazy.

I can't remember a whole lot of what happened over the next few hours. It was mostly just aimless wanders around the ship, going into the best buys and looking in awe at the size of the food you could get and getting some food at the 'Lighthouse Snacks' which was pretty much just cheap food because the buffet was like 39 EUROS PER PERSON thanks for that, DFDS!

The Lighthouse Snacks worked on a sorta pager system, you ordered, got given a pager and then went to get your food when the pager went off.

I don't think I took any pictures of the food I got but it was a burger and chips with a small cola which roughly came to about 18euros.

We were all sat around a table having a battle over wifi. I, somehow, was able to connect and chat away to people on Facebook, others were barely able to load their news feed it was crazy and we were like animals fighting over being antisocial!

Then it became a sort of 'dinner roulette' of who's pager will bleep first...

Dinner was definitely interesting!!

Later on it was a lot darker and we were running out of things to do so we went outside.

I'm not even remotely joking around when I say this: I nearly started crying at this point because oh my god we were in the middle of the north sea, there was hardly any light pollution and there were so many stars. It was a truely magical experience that I can't fully describe to you, you would have to go and experience it yourself to truely grasp the sheer awe of it. And you know those pictures you see where moonlight creates a path on the water? That actually happens. It's a beautiful experience and it makes you realise how small you are in this world...

AND BACK TO EARTH.  So we headed back inside, and changed into our pyjamas before all heading back into mine and caitlin's cabin for a talk and gossip. (And to any lecturers reading, that was not a party.)

We all got bored and sat outside the nightclub on deck 8 and connected to the wifi - which ran so smoothly for all of us, while some girls tried to find out who "A" from Pretty Little Liars was.

The first night was a pretty great one, and we all became so much closer with each other, I think a big part of that was the lack of wifi and being offered no other choice but to socialise with one another.

Stay tuned for the part about AMSTERDAM.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.


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