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06 March 2018


Welcome back to my interrail adventure. I'm sure you know the format by now, but if you're new to my Interrail series, click here for the previous installments; Toulouse and Menton/Monaco.

This was the most exciting for me because it was my reunion with Joanne! We both lived together last year at university but hadn’t seen each other since we said goodbye in May. Originally, we’d planned to meet on the train, but that didn’t end up happening because her side of the train was too busy, we were both tired and we both had suitcases, so we met on the train platform instead. Then, we headed outside and waited for her boyfriend, Théo.
When we got in, I had a shower and changed into my stitch onesie while they went to get pizza for us all. After that, went upstairs to all watch a film that they let me choose (a French comedy that was a bit strange) and then went to bed.

I woke up around 10am the next day and at 11am the three of us were back outside. This time, we were heading into town to meet Joanne’s sister so we could do a spot of shopping and then grab a bite to eat. We went into a few bag stores and a shoe store where they each got a pair of shoes, and we decided on pasta for lunch. It was a strange kinda pasta place that I can only really describe as being a bit like subway. When we got back, we all chilled for a few hours before we were out once more to go and have dinner with their friends.

I can’t remember exactly what it was called, but basically everyone brought something and the food was a kind of ‘take what you want’ sort of deal which was nice. Their friends also offered to speak in English for my benefit but, much like a few days before (Menton with Chris and his friends), I preferred to listen to the French and try to train my ear. Which was beginning to work! For the time we were there, I managed to follow the story of one of the girls who recalled a funny incident where she was involved in a collision with a cyclist (they were okay). I was really proud of myself for it, too. My French is finally improving. An hour before we left, however, I was too tired to listen anymore and kind of just switched off. I’m really worried in case I came across as a bit rude, so I’d like to apologise here to her friends! (Je suis trés desolé!) Once we got in, we basically all went straight to sleep because the next morning we were all journeying up the mountains to the slopes. SNOWBOARDING DAY!

It was a really early start for us all but we had some breakfast and got changed into our ski gear before setting off. We (they) played a car game and we made a quick pit stop so that I could rent a snowboard and boots. Not much longer afterwards, we were on piste. I was both very excited and very nervous because I’d only ever boarded indoors before…

We went on the poma first, and my first go on it, the card didn’t work and then I fell. Good start. But, eventually I did reach the top, with a group of children skiiers as my audience. I wasn’t very good. I hadn’t boarded since the girls afternoon in October so I was really rusty and really nervous but I did eventually get down with so much the help from Joanne and her family! I gave it a few more runs, one of which had me nearly landing in a tree (which I’m sure Joanne is really upset to have not filmed) then sat for a hot chocolate with Joanne’s mum. Then we had lunch, and after that it was time to try the ski lift.

I’d really rather not talk about the ski lift but for the story it’s better that I do. Basically I have a fear of falling from a height. We know this because I wrote about it in my snowboarding post. This was an occasion where I had to have a snowboard on my foot, while, I'm gonna say, flying over a hillside getting higher and higher and having no idea how I was going to get off at the top. My feet tangled themselves with the board and I panicked so much the lift had to be stopped and I basically broke down immediately into tears because I felt so stressed. Oh, so much fun. But thank you Joanne for trying to keep me calm!

I was at the top now so I had no other option but to get down, so we stuck to blue runs and then eventually a green run (which was way too easy). I had to stop/start a few times but after an hour+, I’d reached the bottom. So we all returned to the car, changed out our wet clothes and headed back to the rental place.

Once we were back, I showered, had a hot chocolate and then we all watched a film together called Les Proffs 2. (A French film that was set in England where these really bad teachers. who somehow made a really good team, work together to get one of the girls, a royalty, her diploma.) It was funny, and if you can speak even the smallest French I’d recommend it with French subtitles. There is also a lot of English in it, too but it’s predominantly French.

At 7pm we had lasagne and Joanne’s mum was kind enough to make me my own veggie one which was so lovely of her! It was really nice, and it was dinner with her whole family this time, so I tried to follow along with their French and they practiced their English. It was great! We went to bed not long after this because it was going to be another early start for Joanne and I as we got our coach to Lyon.

I really liked Grenoble, it was so nice to get to see Joanne’s home city! And it was nice to see her again, and hopefully it’s not too long before we get to reunite once more.

The next interrail story will be a short one about when I got myself lost in Lyon, so stay tuned!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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