Life Update

08 July 2016


It's been a while, hasn't it? I don't know why I took a month or so off from blogging, it just kinda.. happened.

I asked you on twitter what post you'd like to see, and the winner was a life update, so here we go.
It feels like not a lot has been happening recently, but when I get down to the nitty gritty of it and actually think about it... A lot has happened. I was a keynote speaker at a conference last month! I know! It's absolutely incredible, I still can't quite believe that happened! It was a phenomenal experience and has given me the confidence to believe that, actually, I can do anything. I will be writing a blog post about it because how often does something like that happen to you?!

I also finished college! I was at my college in Glasgow for two years, and I'm finally leaving with my HND in Travel and Tourism - and in case you're wondering, I got a 'B' for my graded unit! When I had my final Mandarin lesson on the Friday, I went to see Kenny and Gail to give a card for all the lecturers, just to say 'thank you', and they'd told me that I've made really amazing progress, and that I've really come out of myself more, especially this year. I can't thank the college enough for all the support they've given me, a point I'm going to come back to, actually.

Because I passed college, and I've achieved my HND, I'm going to be going to university this year! University has been in my plan since I made my life plan back in like primary school. This year was my 3rd year I'd attempted UCAS, and all 5 choices rejected me, but my 'extra' for the University of the West of Scotland accepted me! So I'm getting flung straight into Year 3 (I think?) Which is so exciting and I really cannot wait!

Coming back to the progress I've made, it has currently been 3 months that I have been free from anxiety. I just checked on my Calendar. 3 months. I really wish I was able to have advice to you all on how I managed it, but truely it was just by waking up one day and deciding that enough was enough. True, I have experienced 'normal' anxiety, and I have been close to a few anxiety attacks but I've managed to calm myself down every time. I've never felt so much pride because of myself before.

There's not a whole lot else, really. I started using my Tumblr again, I've met a lot of new and interesting people, I got a job... And tomorrow I'm going to visit Jasmine, her fiance and her adorable little baby girl, Rinoa! If you haven't seen Jasmine's blog, go and check her out right now!

Okay, that's all! I hope to see you again next week!
How about you? What have you been up to recently?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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