A Twisted Fairy Tale

11 March 2016

Hello and yes! Yes, I'm okay!

Oh, you mean the picture? Yeah. That's a thing that's happening. Let me talk to you about it.

Basically I've spent the last week or so listening to McFly, because they were my first true loves in life and I will never let that love tear away from me. I'm the crazy girlfriend of a band. I'm the psycho roadie. I have met them, so shhh it's okay. Let me have this.

Anyway, I've been listening away to them and then suddenly I listen to Corrupted, a song I'd totally forgotten about and I was transfixed...Then I heard the lyrics;

"Do you remember how it started? Fairy tale got twisted and decayed. The innocence has long been broken, how did we get this way?"

And thus the creativity within me was once again sparked. (I mean I guess I could also thank Ryan for also helping the creative side in me come through again, seeing as he does some really amazing photography and all. On that note, Ryan you haven't written a blog post in months, sort your life out, man!)

I knew I had to make photos about this. The idea was formulating in my head like any Chemistry experiment I ever did that bubbled over. (Similes aside, I was actually quite good at Chemistry. I like science, I do.)

I really miss how creative I used to be. I used to be able to come up with a new video idea every week, sometimes multiple times a week. I used to have countless ideas for TV shows, for stories, for photos and I loved to songwrite. My songs were actually pretty good for a 14 year old.

I lost that over the last 6 or so years. It's really sad. (SIDENOTE: IT'S MY 22ND BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY, HAVE I MENTIONED THAT?!)

On Monday it was really sunny, so I dressed up in my pretty dress from Bodyline, and wore my Alice in Wonderland-esque tights from an etsy store, I forget which one... And ventured outside. Snapchatting away about what I was up to.

I was out for a good 2-3 hours, like I had to actually keep moving down the garden because the sun was setting on me and I was losing my light. My neighbours dog even ran into my garden, it was a most excellent adventure. (Get the reference? I'm such a nerd omfg why)

Then I downloaded photoshop and spent around 12 hours editing and that was the final outcome. Let's see a before and after:

Let's just say I am pretty bloody proud of myself. (lol. bloody.)This was my first time using photoshop!

It's supposed to be like "Alice in Bonkersland" like she's trapped in the insanity of her mind. Which is basically just me in a photo, let's be real here.

Overall it was a lot of fun to do. There are 112 photos in total (but that's really 66 because each photo was taken twice, and is actually, really less because I wasn't positioned right. It's hard to take photos on your own without a clicker. First world problems take #234)

I've been a lot happier since my creativity came back again, and I hope it's here to stay.

I'll leave you with a couple of other pictures I really liked from my photoshoot, and I'll tell you that there will be more so keep an eye out on my twitter: @SherbetAurora #shamelessplug

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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