Getting in the Mood

11 February 2015


It's that time again --EEEK!


Here are my options for the month of January:

Blue is my favourite colour, I also always like to press pastels and surprise me just because I also love pastel colours and I like the idea of having no clue :P

I decided to experiment and see what I could get for edgy and street chic, and I've been trying to talk to some guys (this did not pan out well) and so to be safe selected the first date occ. as well as my favourite little surprise me!


Receiving my mood box didn't go as smoothly as I'd have liked.

On the 28th of January my order was dispatched, the order gets sent through (I noticed the tracking number when using Parcelforce) "Parcelforce Express 48" but this is laughable.

Additionally, I decided to track using both Parcelforce AND speedpost but they gave me different information:
It arrived in the UK a day after it was sent and on the 29th January the Parcelforce tracker updated with "awaiting customs charging"

 At this point I've said, out-loud, gone "uh oh".

I didn't have a customs fee for my last months mood box, but I used to get customs fees all the time for imports from Japan, so what ungodly cost is this going to add? My customs from Japan was always high at £30.)

Anyway, I eventually got my letter and thankfully it was only £17.02

I do feel a lot better in the knowledge that hannah (hxanou) also had a customs fee to pay

Now this is where it gets fun.

So, after paying this fee you get to choose the delivery date.
I thought that, okay, I'm not going to be in on Wednesday and idk my brothers plans on if he's going to be in, and honestly, I don't want to have my neighbours answering for my parcels again so I chose the Friday instead, because I'll definitely be able to answer...

When it was all paid, I checked the release date.  Which was February 13th.
I panicked and fired off an email to Parcelforce explaining the situation.

On Friday 6th Feb I got a response:

Fast forward to Monday!
I waited in all day and at 2pm my mood box finally arrived. It as a different colour to last time, it was bright yellow!


The belief samples this time are a lot different to my last ones, I've been using last months hydrobomb a lot, and I like it but I'm kinda scared using this is a one time thing, once they're opened thats that.. Which I suppose is the point :P

I really like the mascara and the balm does make my lips fairly soft with is perfect!

bag and necklace

I really love the bag. It's big enough to fit in my purse, phone, ipod, keys and ticket holder, you know, the essentials. It's really weird to me because I'm really not used to having a small bag but it was nice!

The necklace I also love, and it was easy to wear, like hannah said to me, like a choker, which made it a lot easier to wear because it didnt interfere with my dermals and i loved the look!

side note while i remember:

How weird is it that me and hannah got the same necklace!?

And now of course, you're here to see the clothes.


Leather Jacket:

i think the HVV team like to send me jackets :P  i really do not mind in the slightest.

And the over all outfit looks like:

So how did it look on?
Like I usually do, I wore my outfit to college.
I paired it with my knee high black boots and a pair of black tights

thank you, forever 21 changing rooms!

overall feeling?
Like last month, I really do love this outfit, it was super comfortable, the jacket was perfect, the necklace was perfect it was all just really great! Improvements? Only to Parcelforce.

Mood boxes are available from -- check them out!

So what would you choose as your mood this month?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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