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06 January 2015


Ahh!! Okay, so I'm really excited about making this post!

Back in October, one of my best friends, hannah (hxanou.co.uk -- go read her stuff, yeah?) made a blog post about this thing called a Mood Box.

What it is is essentially an outfit sent to you, and can be for 1, 3 or 6 months! It's a bit like that Graze box you get for food, you know? And it's tailored to your own style!
Anyway, I found it... Really interesting. It's a great concept and of course I wanted to test it out. I mean, hannah had a great experience with it.

So we both talked about what it was, and she helped me out because there are several different options for you to use. In the end, I went with 100s$ worth of products on a 3 month subscription.

There was a small problem with my payment, because the emails I use for my paypal and for my log in for this account are both different, but they sent me the most polite (and honestly i thought was really cute and sweet) email to me in order to get this resolved
The problem was then resolved super quick and on the 19th of December (two weeks after the email) my order was shipped!

Unfortunately this is a very busy time, especially for post so it didn't arrive as quickly as hannahs did for her first order (ie it arrived the next again day) my mood box arrived on the 29th December. (Which I mean come on, no post for 3 days, plus count in the two Sundays means 5 days no post, so that really means it only took about 5 days to arrive, which for shipping from Singapore to Scotland is absolutely fantastic!)

Now, the parcel is big. And big parcels here, I don't know about you, but they arrive at my house using Parcelforce, not Royal Mail, although they are a part of the Royal Mail group.

Now!! What mood am I in?

So, these were the mood options I picked for the month of December

I'll be honest, I was so nervous about what I could possibly get, because what if they pick something that I hate? Or that I'll never wear? What would I do then, especially seeing as I knew I was going to make a blog post about it?!?

yes i used dvds to cover up my address, it looks really untidy but i've learned that next time i can just edit the picture lets move on

The box it arrived in was a great size, and honestly is so neat and well presented. Shout out to the Her Velvet Vase design team for this! A+ 

I didn't take a picture of how the inside looked so I'll do that another time, lets look at my contents.

My accessory and my extras. I loved the santa hairband! Athough I've not worn it because the box arrived after christmas it's so cute and I'll hold onto it for Christmas 2015!

This is how my clothes were presented


And here are my clothes

Honest to God as soon as I opened them I had fallen in love. This is my exact style, and I love every single piece that I was sent.

Okay, so maybe the necklace isn't one that I can wear with low cut tops but I can still wear it with normal tshirts. Like I did today.
i have 3 microdermal piercings in my chest so don't wear low necklaces often

So I wore my outfit today to college. I paired it with a pair of black tights, my black shoes from new look and my gothic alice in wonderland top from Pulp. I was quite sleep deprived today so please forgive my awful, awful face and hair.

Okay, so final thoughts on the outfit
Overall, yes, I am 100000% in love with this. Every. Single. Item.
The denim jacket is a bit long on me with other items, but that's perfectly okay with me, because it goes well with the skirt, and that's all I care about, I'm just more used to shorter jackets, so it's nothing to do with hvv and is just me personally.

The skirt I adore, I have one a lot like it and there isn't really anything negative I can really say.

The bag is perfection I'm so happy with it.

(also, side note, how thin do my legs look in the right picture?  cha-ching!)

Staff at Her Velvet Vase, you've done an absolutely wonderful job. I cannot wait to see what you send me next month! I've been cheesing away to anyone that will listen.

hannah, thank you for telling me about this, it is honestly the best thing in the world.
Everyone else, remember to go and check out hannah's reviews on her blog here:  http://www.hxanou.co.uk/

Thank you for reading ^_^
What was your favourite part of this outfit?

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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