A Review-y Of Tui

22 May 2018


I recently took a family holiday to Tenerife with my mum, brother, grandad and uncle in order to celebrate both my grandad's 75th and my uncle's 50th birthdays. Last time I flew to the canary islands was to Lanzarote with Thomas Cook, but this time I flew with Tui.

Why I Love... Georgia Jones

15 May 2018


Two years ago, I wrote a post about anxiety, and in particular, the story that Danny Jones told to London Real, and about how much it resonated with me. If you want to give that one a read, then click here! It's a long one, so make sure you're settled down with a cuppa.

Fast forward to now, and he and his wife, Georgia have had a little boy named Cooper, and ever since finding out about her pregnancy, I've been watching her Instastories religiously, and there are a few reasons why I love her so much. So, making a slight change into my "Why I Love..." series, here are 5 reasons Why I Love... Georgia Jones.


08 May 2018


Today I wanted to write a little post about the company 4Ocean. If you watch my instagram stories, you may have seen me talk a little about them a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write about it to be able to tell you a little bit more, and a bit more coherently.

A Reintroduction

01 May 2018


I feel like I've made a few of these posts in the past. Normally I write them when I've taken a break from blogging for a little while and this is no different.

So, hello there. My name is Gail. I'm 24 years old and I live in Scotland. I began this blog in 2014, and began using it more, and really began to get invested, in December 2015. The blog began as I watched my friend, hannah's, blog grow and grow. Her blog was, and remains a fashion blog, and so I tried my hardest to do the same. I'm not a fashion blogger.

An Excellent Cinematic Experience

03 April 2018


I love Bill and Ted. They're my favourite films, that's not a surprise to anyone. I use the phrase 'Be Excellent To Each Other' at the end of all my posts and I even have it tattood on my wrist. I have an instagram travel account where I post photos of my pop vinyl figures in a variety of places, including around where I live, other areas of the UK, France and Lanzarote. Hopefully there'll be more in the near future (I'm still dreaming of Hawaii). I quote the films all the time and everyone that I know now associates B&T with me. The films mean the world to me, and they were what helped me through my worst depression - during my high school years. I still struggle with depression, but being able to watch Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey definitely help to relax me.