Why I Graduated A Year Early

12 December 2017


As you may be aware, last year I was at university. I graduated 'in absentia' this year on account of me being on holiday while the graduation ceremony was taking place, so the photos I've used in this post are from my HND graduation instead, just in case you're wondering why my hood probably isn't the right colour!

Being a university student was something I'd been working towards ever since I left high school in 2012 (SERIOUSLY HALF A DECADE AGO.) I'd always imagined that I'd be studying Geology or something Earth science related, because my dream has been to work with volcanoes, but my grades at school weren't that great, so I ended up going to college to study Travel and Tourism instead. The idea behind this was to gain tourism knowledge, then head to university and obtain a business degree so that I'd have business knowledge in order to start my own Geological Tour Operator. This is still a goal of mine, or, just to work in Geo Tourism in some aspect. I digress.

Un Petite Article En Français

09 December 2017


Aujourd'hui je voudrais écrire une article en français. Mon français n'est pas très bien, mais je vais essaier.

Cutting Ahead

05 December 2017


You might remember a few months ago, I posted a blog titled "A Hair Raising Scheme".  The idea behind this was that I was looking to raise some money for my long-term travel plans, that I wanted to start at the beginning of next year, and that one of the ways I was looking to raise money was by cutting off my very long hair. I'd even set up a Go Fund Me page and raised... £5. That plus a lot of other reasons made my plans change very quickly and I'm now looking to stay in my job and take all my holidays instead so that I still get to travel out of it, but to also have money to keep me afloat. It's a good plan but I'm still a little bit down about it.

All I Want For Christmas Is...?

02 December 2017


Today is December 2nd. First of all, wtf?! Second of all, this is when everybody starts asking me what I want for my Christmas, and where I disappointingly have absolutely no idea whatsoever. #Spoiler?

I haven't known what I want for Christmas for a really long time. Money? Happiness? My dream job tied up all pretty in a wicker basket with a blue ribbon? I really don't know. But maybe that's a good thing.

A Lifelong Dream Came True

28 November 2017


When I was 10 years old, I had this dream. It was a really random dream, and I think it might have come from a McFly song... But, I really wanted to learn how to surf. It was ingrained into me, it was like my ultimate life goal, it was the thing I wanted the most in life, but it was also something I kept kind of on the downlow. Because I grew up in central Scotland. There's nowhere there for a 10 year old to surf without travelling a distance. Also it's really cold here. Not a good idea.