My 24th Birthday

21 March 2018


Sooooo... No more France travel posts then. At least, no more until I go to France again. I'm actually quite sad about that, and worried because that means that I'll need to start thinking more about what kinds of posts to... Post. I will also admit that I took a teeny tiny lie in my last post as well when I said it was the final 'interrail' post because I do have to write about my experience of interail. Hopefully that will go up on Saturday, so keep an eye out! I digress...

Paris | Gail's Interrail Adventure

17 March 2018


This is the next, and final, instalment of the Gail’s Interrail Adventure series, and this one is all about Paris. To be kept up to date on what I’ve been up to, click here for my couchsurfing experience, here for Toulouse, here for Menton/Monaco, here for Grenoble, here for Lyon and here for my Versaillesphotopost.

Chateau de Versailles | Photopost | Gail's Interrail Adventure

13 March 2018


Bit of a late one this Tuesday, my laptop has been playing up a bit so it's not been easy getting this up on time. Also, I'm going to be 24 tomorrow. What. That's come way too fast, I don't feel 24 yet. Help.

Anyway, I'm sure by now you're all avid readers of my couchsurfing and interrail posts. If you've not caught up yet, I went to Toulouse, Menton/Monaco, Grenoble and got lost in Lyon for a few hours before I arrived in Paris (The next post!). On day one of Paris, I decided to take a trip to Versailles.

Lyon | Gail's Interrail Adventure

10 March 2018


There's not a lot that can be said about Lyon, and technically, because Joanne and I didn't take a train... This isn't an interrail post... But, I did take a train to visit her so IT'S GOING INTO THE SERIES! If you haven't read my other interrail posts yet, then please click here for Toulouse, Menton/Monaco and Grenoble.

Joanne, her mum and I left the house at around 8am and we arrived at the coach station 20 minutes later, waiting for our coach which was due to depart at 9am. Once on the coach, Joanne let me have the window seat and honestly I am so jealous of her ability to fall asleep on public transport because that's something that I don't posess!

Grenoble | Gail's Interrail Adventure

06 March 2018


Welcome back to my interrail adventure. I'm sure you know the format by now, but if you're new to my Interrail series, click here for the previous installments; Toulouse and Menton/Monaco.

This was the most exciting for me because it was my reunion with Joanne! We both lived together last year at university but hadn’t seen each other since we said goodbye in May. Originally, we’d planned to meet on the train, but that didn’t end up happening because her side of the train was too busy, we were both tired and we both had suitcases, so we met on the train platform instead. Then, we headed outside and waited for her boyfriend, Théo.
When we got in, I had a shower and changed into my stitch onesie while they went to get pizza for us all. After that, went upstairs to all watch a film that they let me choose (a French comedy that was a bit strange) and then went to bed.