Struggling To Land A Job In Your Chosen Field? Here's What To Do!*

06 September 2018


The following post is a guest post from Scotland Jobs, a part of the CV-Library group. CV-Library are the UK's leading independent job's board. The topic for this post has been chosen by myself because it's a topic that I'm, personally, really struggling with, and I thought it might be something that some of you might find beneficial as well. As I'm sure you read from my last post, I'm currently on a job search and I needed some guidance on how to get where I want to be, or to even just find where I want to be in the first place! So, I hope you enjoy this post, be sure to check CV-Library out, and have a look at their career advice and recruitment insight pages if you need any more expert, or workplace advice. I'll see you next time! Be excellent to each other.

So you’ve decided what you want to do – but now you’ve actually got to land the job. Sometimes this is easier said than done. 

If you’ve been on the job search for a while now and are struggling to find the right role, don’t panic! There are steps you can take to get your search back on track and land your dream job in no time.

Make sure you’re looking in the right places

This might seem obvious, but depending on the nature of the industry you want to work in, some job hunting platforms will be more effective than others. For example, if you’re looking for a job in healthcare, industry specific job boards like JobsMedical could be the place for you. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a marketing role, using professional networking sites like LinkedIn can throw out some great results. It’s about taking the time to understand your industry and where best to search for jobs.

Apply for relevant roles

On a similar note, take your time when reading job descriptions to ensure that you’re only applying to roles that are relevant to you. This can be an easy mistake to make.

For example, applying for a job that you’re not qualified for, or applying for a job in Brighton when you live in Scotland isn’t going to get you very far.

Be careful to check out all of the details and ensure you’re ticking the right boxes. This will spare you the disappointment of feeling like you’ve applied to a load of roles that you’ve not heard back from.

Review your CV and cover letters

It could be the case that you’re applying to perfect roles and not hearing back. In this instance it’s time to review your applications. Are you tailoring every CV and cover letter you write?

This is the key to job hunting success. Make sure you spend time perfecting each application you submit. It might feel time consuming, but it really does pay off.


Networking is important and this doesn’t just apply to the job hunting stage. You should continue to network throughout your entire career – you never know what doors people can open for you.

One way to do this when  looking for a job, is to attend jobs fairs and industry events, to get to know people.

It’s also useful to connect with like-minded professionals online, using sites like LinkedIn. This will allow you to get your name out there and stay up-to-date with industry news and trends.

This can really benefit you later in the job search. You might also meet someone that can offer you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Consider your online presence

When job hunting, it’s important that you consider your online presence and what this says about you. It’s sensible to keep your social media profiles private and ensure any professional profiles are up-to-date.

Creating online portfolios or blogs can help you to land a job. On the other hand, posting offensive or inappropriate content online can reflect badly on you and damage your chances. So give yourself a digital clean up and make sure you don’t post anything you wouldn’t want an employer to see.

Think about jobs in related fields

Perhaps the reason you’re struggling to find a job in your chosen field is because you don’t quite have enough experience or you’re unsure exactly which role is best for you. Consider instead, other roles related to your chosen industry and pursue these. 

This could give you the transferable skills you need to secure your dream role. It might even help you realise another area you’re passionate about, opening you up to new opportunities.

Don’t give up

Most importantly, don’t give up! The job search can be long and there may be times when you feel like giving up and just accepting the first offer that comes along. But we spend a great deal of our time at work and therefore it’s important to love what you do.

So don’t compromise just because it gets tough. Even if you have to accept a temporary role while you continue your search, don’t stop chasing your dream job.

*No money has been paid for this guest post. This is something that I am personally struggling with and required help with. The words have been written by CV-Library and is being promoted on this blog and corresponding social media platforms. This is a PR friendly blog where payment from guest posts from companies under other circumstances would normally be asked for, however all guest posts or promotional posts, whether written or not written by myself will still be disclosed fully, as per information provided in my about page.

ps I also didn't realise there were smudges on my phone prior to taking the photos! I was so distracted by trying to get a clear photo that I didn't notice!

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