An Excellent Cinematic Experience

03 April 2018


I love Bill and Ted. They're my favourite films, that's not a surprise to anyone. I use the phrase 'Be Excellent To Each Other' at the end of all my posts and I even have it tattood on my wrist. I have an instagram travel account where I post photos of my pop vinyl figures in a variety of places, including around where I live, other areas of the UK, France and Lanzarote. Hopefully there'll be more in the near future (I'm still dreaming of Hawaii). I quote the films all the time and everyone that I know now associates B&T with me. The films mean the world to me, and they were what helped me through my worst depression - during my high school years. I still struggle with depression, but being able to watch Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey definitely help to relax me.

Recently, however, Excellent Adventure was being shown at Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew St as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival. A friend I talk to occasionally on Instagram, who lives near me, initially told me about it (She has a B&T instagram, too, go and follow her!) and I'd totally forgotten about the event until my colleague noticed it on the listings and sent me a screenshot. I had to go.

You may be sitting there wondering why I'd have to go to the cinema to see a film I've probably watched close to a million times. I know every line. If you gave me a set of action figures (HINT HINT, FUNKO POP VINYL), then I could probably reenact the film from memory. Totally non-heinous!

But the thing is... Excellent Adventure came out in 1989, and it's sequel came out in 1991. I was born in 1994. I never thought that I'd ever see the day where it came out in the cinema in my lifetime. It was a dream I'd always had that I never thought would ever come true!

When I went into the screening, I was actually shaking. I was mildly hyperventilating. I was wearing one of my B&T tshirts, my Wyld Stallyns skirt that I bought from red bubble and I'd been hyping myself up by listening to the playlist at work, as I got ready after my shift. I was pumped. And when the opening titles rolled, that was me. The urge to sing along to the opening song was almost too much, and I settled at just mouthing the words. It was an emotional experience, but I managed not to cry.

For me, the Bill and Ted films are feel good movies. You don't even really need to think (Bill and Ted sure don't!) but that's part of what makes it so amazing. It's part of the charm. And if you like films like Wayne's World, then you're pretty much guaranteed to love B&T! It's a piece of pop culture. It makes me feel so happy. There are so many memorable quotes from the films that you'll be quoting days after you've seen it, and oh, my god there are so many terrible puns! Who doesn't love getting to watch Napoleon's terrible bowling skills? Or Ziggy piggy? He's the reason I know how to swear in French! (Probably not something I should say when I know my mum reads this blog! Sorry mum!)

I'm so jealous of all the people in America who have the opportunity to watch double bills because I don't know if I'll ever get that chance... But I could have the chance to watch the third film.

I've been waiting patiently for the 3rd instalment since I found out about the possibility of it roughly 8 years ago, and I've been following all the updates about it ever since. I keep wishing so hard that it will be given the green light some time soon because I have enormous faith in Ed, Chris, Alex and Keanu to make something spectacular. They've done it twice before. But until then, I have the fan base to keep me going. The B&T fan base are honestly one of the most loving and dedicated fan bases I've ever been a part of, and I'm so proud to call myself a Bill and Ted fan!

But that's why getting to see it in cinema was so important to me. They're my favourite films, and it was a literal dream come true. The quality might not have been on par with modern technology (,William) but it doesn't matter.

Have you ever watched Bill and Ted, or can you understand why I love it as much as I do from all my posts about it? And how HYPED are you for Bill and Ted Face The Music?!

Until next time, be excellent to each other (and party on, dudes!)


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