My Uni Experience So Far

22 October 2016


So. Been a while. I'm so sorry about that! Things have been a weeeeee bitty hectic for me. I've had a lot to wrap my head around, and I'm in a brand new environment so it's a little bit overwhelming, but I'm getting there!

So. I am in the midst of writing a blog post. (That I have been writing since like... July. WHOOPS.) but I've recently been thinking about it and... Perhaps I should give you a brief insight into my life just now.

So, hello. I'm still Gail, that's not changed. But I no longer live in Central Scotland. In fact, I live in the student accommodation at my UNIVERSITY! Yes! I got into University! I'm now like 7 weeks into the course!

So, how has uni live been treating me?

I'm not going to lie and say it's been a breeze. Because, in all honesty, my first few days here were ... Not so fun. I was actually in non-stop tears for about 2 days straight, and on the day of the Fresher's Fayre, I actually had a panic attack as the Domino's pizza workers were handing out leaflets for free pizza. (To those workers - thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me, and make sure I was okay!)

But that night, I also attended the pizza party at my accommodation, and that's where I met 2 fantastic friends - Laura and Alana. I also got to meet Kieran that night - who's from near where I'm from! AND I met Max - a French student living in their flat. So I went from having 0 friends to having 4, and I felt so happy.

I should also mention that in my flat, I stay with only one other person. Her name is Joanne, and she's really nice. She's also a French student, which is great because I really want to be able to get better at speaking in French, and she also wants to improve her English. So, we're going to be working together to help each other!

Regarding course work... I have one class I really enjoy - Enterprise Creation! And one that I do not enjoy as much ... Strategic Management. I won't go into the reasons why. Perhaps it will grow on me! (Wishful thinking.) Speaking of course work - I got to meet Fiona, a fellow blogger who happens to be doing the same course as me, at the year above me! Fiona was really nice (despite yelling at everyone to SIT DOWN while taking ID photos ;)) and it's nice to know that I have her as a support if I get confused by it all.

The people in my classes have all been great too, pretty much everyone is easy to get along with - which helps. Big time.

Lastly, my work situation has changed, I've transferred over to a new shop of the same company. It was sad to leave my little shop, but everyone at my new place has been amazing, and we all get on so well - so its all positive!

Overall, university thus far has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but I can't wait to get through this year!

I'll see you really soon! I have some exciting things lined up...

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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