Gail's Dating Profile

06 May 2016


Have I used this picture for a post before? Oh, probably.
I had the idea for this post two, nearly 3 months ago, but I've never gotten around to actually typing it out. I thought it would be a bit fun, but no, this is not meant as a serious dating profile. I am single but .. C'mon.

Name: Gail Leslie
Age: 22
Occupation: Unemployed/Student/Blogger/Queen

Hobbies: Fencing, travelling, blogging, watching Star Wars, crying over Star Wars, pretending to be Harley Quinn, being a bit lame, social media, going on long walks, defending my honour.
Favourite colour: Blue!
Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognese
Best friend: My baguettes
Dislikes: Bacon, cheese, milk, wasps, the eerie silence when the thing that's been making a lot of background noise stops, when people don't reply to your messages, when I catch my reflection blinking
Good traits: I care a lot, I empathise easily, I love with my whole heart, I will always be there, I'm a good listener, I'm short so therefore adorable, I'm funny sometimes, I'm affectionate
Bad traits: I do get jealous, I get anxious easily, I often feel like if you don't respond to me or you don't acknowledge me then you hate me, I'm a perfectionist, I'm tired a lot, I can complain a lot depending on the situation

Fun Facts!
I once flew to Singapore for the weekend.

I get obsessed with things really easily.

I like Star Wars.

I own two Furbies.

I'm studying French and Mandarin.

I once fell off a roundabout and caught my leg under it while it was still spinning. I only got a minor cut.

I had 10 piercings. I only have 6 now.

I once told everyone that I hated the colour green because I choked on a green skittle.

For my Primary 7 teacher's Christmas Card, I drew a picture of the Doctor and Rose Tyler from the Idiots Lantern episode.

My favourite sweetie is sherbet.

I will probably get passive aggressive at you if you do something that hurt me.

I wrote a song called 'My Song For Horrible Histories' because I didn't get to go to the Horrible Histories prom. It's very bad.

I hate rollercoasters. I have a genuine fear of being on a rollarcoaster, if you force me on one I will end up coming off in tears and you will have to calm me down.

Pirates > Ninjas.

Really, really like Star Wars though.

I stopped drinking soft drinks after testing 22 days to break a habit. (which you can read about here ;))

I once walked to Edinburgh. 30 Miles. (which you can read about here!)

My first pop culture obsession was Doctor Who when I was 9 or 10.

I've met McFly. They are my favourite band. Of. All. Time.

I like volcanoes.

I dress every day as if I'm going to meet The Doctor.

Did I mention I like Star Wars?

I think that is all I should allow myself to write, for some reason it's easier to come up with interesting facts about yourself when you're not planning to on the spot. I know that there are plentiful things I could have said but my mind when completely blank! ... Fun fact! Would you want to date this trainwreck?

I'll see you next week, feel free to do something similar to this if you like!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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